The Beginning of a Dream

filed under: Miscellaneous on October 28, 2009

I didn't want to do it. I am still not sure. After many discussions with my dear husband, much prayer, and lots of begging and pleading to Debi, (more on that later) here it is.

My very own baking blog.

The purpose of this blog is to have a one stop shop for potential customers, for the serious sugar lovers to not have to be bored to death with pictures of my kids and stories about very exciting life (where is that sarcasm font?), and for me to be able to go into much more detail about my recipes and creations.

I have no intention of making baking into a business. That is, I am not going to market myself and I am not going to be advertising goods for sale… but if by chance someone does want to buy something, we have a way of figuring out the details. If you have an order in with me already, rest easy! It is still free and I am so thankful you are allowing me to be a small part of your special occasion!

There are bound to be some kinks in the road, but I do hope this is a fun place where we can learn together, bake together, and most importantly, eat together.

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