• The Perfect Crusting Buttercream

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    I use this recipe when making my rose cake,


    my hydrangea cake,


    or any cake that I want the frosting to be able to hold its shape!

    This makes quite a bit, but can be refrigerated quite easily.

    The Perfect Crusting Buttercream


        • 2 pounds powdered sugar
        • 1 c shortening (check alternate method for butter)
        • 2 tsp. vanilla extract (use clear if want white frosting)
        • 1/2 c to 3/4 cup whole milk
        • pinch salt


        1. Cream shortening and vanilla in mixer for 2-4 minutes. Add in powder sugar, one cup at a time. If you find your mixer struggling, slowing add in milk. Use more milk for a creamy consistency, use less milk for a stiff consistency.
        2. Alternate Method:
        3. Use 1/2 cup butter and 1/2 cup shortening. Place room temp. butter and shortening in mixer. Put entire bag of powder sugar on top, then add vanilla and 1/2 cup milk. Turn mixer on low and mix until all ingredients are incorporated. Turn mixer up to med-high and mix for 2-4 minutes. Can add more milk to reach desired consistency.


        And yes, I sometimes use half crisco/half butter.  This recipe is SWEET.  Super sweet.  If you dont like sweet, simply use less sugar.



        *Some people seem to get very upset that I call this frosting a buttercream. 

        I’m sorry.  I dont have a much better answer.  You are welcome to yell at me all you want in the comments. (Some already have!)


        See more examples of how I use this frosting on my Rose Birthday Cake and Royal Wedding Cake.

        I also share this decorating technique and many others in my new book, Surprise-Inside Cakes!  I am so honored and touched at the world wide support!  Be sure to let me know if you are baking from Surprise-Inside Cakes!

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        Been making it this way for close to 30 years. Always my favorite and everyone has always loved everything I frosted with this.
        Thanks for sharing because I wish everyone would make it this way 🙂

        Absolutely nothing against this recipe it was on point and delicious. I should have known better than to use a buttercream in 80° weather anyway, but i did everything i knew to do. The cakes cooled overnight, then i froze it with a crumb coat on, changed my pastry bags twice so i didnt warm the frosting with my hands, then i added the rosettes and kept it in the freezer til the party. Unfortunately the once thick beautiful delicious tasting frosting slid completely off. Wish i could post pic for you to see. So sad 🙁 ;( so while i will definitely be making this again i will wAit for cool weather. 🙂

        I too have used this half butter half shortning for 30 or more years and it has never failed me. I am so in love with cake decorating and being able to use my skill to bring smiles and swoons…pure unadulterated joy! I would love to show you my latest creation ..just to zee what you think. I’m 71 and still a giddie little girl over this fun artwork!

        Every recipe your post I make comes out so good thank you so much for your show you are amazing

        It’s amazing. I have one question. How is your icing so white? My buttercream frosting is always yellowish because of the butter.

          I also Hv this same question..

          Beat the butter and crisco alone until it turns white. Takes about 2-5 mins!!

        I do like so many of your recipes and ideas. Thank you.

        Should tapioca powder be used in the frosting. I was taught to use it for icing that doesn’t move!

        Do you think the perfect crusting buttercream would be good for a unicorn cake? I loved it on my rose cakes!

        Amanda…thank you so much for posting all the wonderful recipes that you share with us. I just made cupcakes for the July 4th holiday. I have never had so many people rave about my baking. I will use this recipe and others that you have shared from now on. I think you are a great baker and a warm and funny person too. I love watching your live episodes too. Thank again and ignore the mean folks! Some people just can’t be nice!😊❤️🎊🎂🍰

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