• Why Are There SO Many Ads?

    filed under: Blogging on May 7, 2015

    Dear Sweet Reader,

    I feel like we need to have a heart-to-heart.

    A few of you have expressed concern, dismay, general dislike for the advertisements on my blog.

    I get it, I really do. As someone who likes to read blogs, they can get in the way. They can be intrusive. They can be annoying. Aggressive even. They can be hard to get rid of.


    They can be a deal-breaker for me.

    So I am assuming they are for you too.

    I want to tell you why they are there, and why they are all over the place and address a very real and very personal issue.

    It’s about money. (but not in a greedy way like you may be thinking)

    The first time I ever went to a blog that was covered in ads it was unsettling. I kept trying to click out or click away and couldn’t. I was just trying to see a recipe but there was some crazy pop-up every 2 seconds and then an ad that popped up in every image and I felt icky. I looked at the website differently moving forward. The blog author seemed greedy in my eyes. I mean, did she really need that many ads?!?

    So if *I* was offended by ads, why would I put them on my blog? Why would I do that knowing how offensive they can be?

    Well, as I am sure you know, a food blog is basically a free website that offers recipes, tips & tricks, detailed and personalized instructions, unique tutorials, one of a kind ideas, as well as personality and real life experience.

    The real deal behind website advertising.

    Why you may not have known is that it costs a great deal of money to run a food blog.

    For me to run this free website of thousands of free recipes, I need to pay a webhost ($120/month), buy equipment to photograph food ($18k so far) as well as props to style the food (I cannot reveal this amount or my husband will kill me), pay for technical support ($200/month), website design and support ($14k), advertising campaigns ($1600/month), not to mention the grocery bill for the recipes I share (anywhere from $400-$1k/month)! Miscellaneous expenses run anywhere from $15/month (paying for classes to learn about SEO, video, food styling, etc.) to $3,000! (Like when you have a project due and drop your camera and need to replace it ASAP. That happened. I cried. A lot.)

    Blogging is not cheap, nor easy.

    But still.

    Why do you need SO MANY ads???

    According to Smart Blogger:

    The average “click through rate” (CTR, or times that a reader clicks on an ad) varies by industry; however, the average is around 0.1%. Let’s say the average cost-per-click (how much you earn when somebody clicks an ad) is $0.50. That means you would need around 1,000 unique visitors each day to get even one ad click and earn $0.50 for the day.

    If you enjoy 1,000 unique visitors each day to your blog, you can do a lot better than $0.50 per day in income. The bottom line is that advertising requires a ton of traffic to be worthwhile.

    Basically, the more ads, the more chances you give a reader to engage with your advertising.

    And certain ads pay more than others. For instance, that really annoying video ad that starts playing when your mouse hovers over it, that ad pays more than the one just sitting casually over on my sidebar.

    Or the ad that immediately follows every single paragraph. (or before) Those tend to have higher engagement because they fit “seamlessly” into the blog post. (I was going to add a picture to illustrate this, but I am assuming there will be an ad right above this so I don’t really need a picture!)

    The point being… I don’t run ads to be greedy. This is one of the most reliable (but unreliable-my income changes by as much as 60% month to month!!) ways I have of earning an income for the work I do.


    To everyone who hates all these ads and never wants to visit this blog again and who thinks I should be jailed (yes, one angry woman thought I should be prosecuted and jailed for excessive advertising), I am sorry.

    I am sorry for all the ads! Please come back anyway. :)

    I am SO SO SO sorry.

    My goal is to one day be able to remove all ads from my blog and make this a beautiful wonderful experience. I often think about how this all could be better for you! (And if you have suggestions I am always open to them.)

    One thing I have done to try and make your experience at iambaker better is to lesson the ads on desktop. So if you are able, try logging into the site in front of your home computer. It will be an entirely different experience, I promise. 

    I hope and pray that you will forgive the intrusion and still opt to hang out here. It wouldn’t be the same without you!

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    You are amazing!!! Just tell the nasty people to bite you. As a self employed cake decorator, blogger and Stampin’Up independent demonstrator, I feel your pain of those know it alls. Keep doing what you’re doing and those other people can run their businesses their way. Oh that’s right they don’t have a business. Hope you are getting my sarcasm. High 5 lady!!!

    Amanda, You are a true blessing to all of us
    who love to cook. I love your genuine, sparkling
    personality. Seeing your smile & hearing the
    passion in your voice for cooking inspires me
    to try new things! You will never please every
    one. Give yourself a break. I love watching
    you. Keep your chin up & please keep on being
    the sweet, gracious lady you are. God Bless You
    and your wonderful family!

    Amanda tell the haters to jog on and you blog on, love your work

    I’ve followed your Facebook page, but not your blog. After reading this article, I want to follow everything your put out into the universe. (Not in the creepy way that sounds) Thank you for the recipes, the dedication and the inspiration. Like many, I too hate ads, but now I have a better understanding of why great sites like yours use them. Here’s to filling the world with more sweet treats and savory goodness. Thank you for being so real.

    So if I click an ad I help support all that you do? I’ll be clicking a lot more! Love you’re work! You’ve helped me look good at so many get togethers. Thank you for the info. No need to apologize for other people’s bad behavior. Keep shining!

    I am of the same thought as others, you needn’t apologize! But you did, and in doing so educated many people on why those ads are there. It’s something I knew but didn’t give much thought as to how it impacts your ability to keep the site free. Your post was genuine and shows how passionate you are about your profession., and I hope it taught others to be more tolerant. I don’t even enjoy cooking but I do enjoy your creations , keep it up, you have an amazing heart!

    Hmmm an issue, i totally got no prob wt the ads !!!!

    Love you girl! No worries…❤

    I am a grown up… I ignore them. You do great work! Keep it up!!! Adds just means you’ve made it big! Great job!

    You do not need to apologize for this! I have benefitted from the recipes that you painstakingly create-for which I pay zero dollars! – and I’m thankful for your expertise and your hard work. Anyone who feels entitled to this information at no cost is just that- entitled- and they don’t deserve your apology. Keep on doing you and getting paid what you deserve for the awesome job you’re doing!

    I just read this on my desktop and did not see ONE ad 🙂 Thanks for sharing – but seriously – the only people who don’t ‘get’ this are the ones who think the world owes them more free stuff now that they have a smart phone. I love your recipes!

    Um…you’re getting hate mail for ads?? Really?? It’s ads people. Dear lord. I think your recipes are amazing and I’m happy to weed through the ads to get to them. Don’t apologise. You can’t please everyone.

    We should all be clicking on the ads to help you! I know I am! Thank you for sharing all you do!!!

    I love your site, and FREE resources, and I’ve been glad for an ad I’ve come across before. So keep being amazing and keep the beautiful website, recipes, and FOOD coming!

    I think your apology was nice but not necessary. People just need to grow up. They are way to sensitive these days and complain about everything. I appreciate you and all your hard work.

    Sweetie, I get you’re upset that people are upset, but people are always going to be upset about something. Please stop apologizing. I’m tired of you apologizing. There, I’m upset about that. But either deal with the fact that people are going to be cranky about adds or don’t have ads. But STOP apologizing.

    Lesson learned that for the info

    I feel your pain! Nothing is free and the cost of a website is a huge bite. You have lovely posts. I try to click other website’s ads in hopes that karma will be good to me too. LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!

    I love your posts so much that I had never paid attention to the ads until i read this. No need to apologize for what goes on on YOUR website. Please do what you need to do to keep it going. I hope after your explanation today, some of the people who said nasty things about you out of ignorance will be humble enough to apologize.

    I’m saving this to send the next time someone sends me an email complaining about the ads I have on my site. 🙂

    Love you Amanda. l know I it’s not free. Thank your for that. You’re my favorite baker.

    Amanda, I feel so awe terrible for you to have to explain why you have to have ads!!! I think you are amazing and because for you I have tried baking techniques that I would have never tried before. Please don’t let those couple people get you down!! Also thank you for being you and so real 💕

    I dont mind the ads from the bloggers in their recipes but, im seriously tired of all the others, cars, insurance and others too jumerous to list. I dont see a connection of them to recipes but they are irritatiNg, obtrusive and always in the way. I would like to find out how much to have them eliminated and where do i pay.

    Many blogger adverts are often helpful in getting what you may need for the recipe, kitchen gadgetry and ingredients.

    Im flabbergasted by the prices youre willing to share. No wonder why im small-minded wiTh my blog.

    So all I need to do is click the ads to Thank you kindly for all you do? I hope everyone clicks away from now on! Thank you!!!!

    There is no such thing as a free lunch. You deserve to be compensated for your time and effort. I enjoy what you produce.

    One of the first things I learned in communications class in college was that the point of television was not to entertain, but to deliver an audience to advertisers. Your goal is not to do that, but share what you love doing. I’ve learned so much from you and enjoy your site. Just like on any other site I ignore the ads that don’t interest me.

    Continued good luck with your site.

    Don't Pass on Dessert!