why does a child need a mother?

filed under: I Am Mommy on May 9, 2015

Why does a child need a mother?


 To tell them they are beautiful…to make sure they don’t become spoiled…to teach them to play fair…



to assure them that heartache will not last forever…to believe in them when it seems that no one else does…to be a trusted confidant…


to encourage them to be serious about their work…to make sacrifices so that they will not have to sacrifice…to teach them the importance of compromise…


to steer them away from the darkness…to protect them until they are old enough to protect themselves…to teach them manners…


to teach them how to be humble…to teach them appreciation for what others have done for them…to teach them that all people are worthy of respect…


to tell them often that they are loved…to hold them when they need comfort…to teach them to pray…


to show them the importance of laughter…to give them good memories…to let them be themselves…


and of course, to show them God’s love.

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  • kristin says:

    When I first started following you, several months ago, your posts were all about food (aside from baking, thinking, and praying). I am LOVING your personal posts. This is a wonderful post and the photos of your children are so beautiful! Happy Mother’s Day you awesome mama!

    • Amanda says:

      Thank you so much. Hope your day is blessed as well sweet Kristin!!

  • Robin @ Simply Southern Baking says:

    One big AMEN!!! Happy Mother’s Day Amanda. Hope you’re enjoying your day. 🙂

    • Amanda says:

      You too sweet Robin!! Hope your day is blessed!

  • Jocelyn (Grandbaby Cakes) says:

    This is so beautiful! I hope your kids are spoiling the heck out of you today. Happy Mother’s Day!!

  • Christy says:

    love this

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