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KitchenAid® Appliance Frosting Comparison!

I recently did the most fun experiment! I made a recipe for buttercream in four different … [Read More...]

Zucchini Chocolate Cake!

This past weekend was a busy one, with lots of food, fun and desserts of course!   My … [Read More...]

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Our Driveway

Or maybe I should title this, "How to absolutely do a selfie."  I haven't decided.  But I … [Read More...]

"A good garden may have some weeds." - Proverb

Our property is overcome with "weeds".  These wild grasses and flowers and mushrooms pop up in the … [Read More...]

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hebrews 13:8

Today’s special guest is Karen Hossink from the blog Surviving Motherhood.  I have known Karen for … [Read More...]

Let Go Let God

In the crazy world of online life, one theme is (sadly) forever rampant.  Stealing. In my … [Read More...]

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How to insert a lens for a DSLR camera

  I just have to preface this with, I think you already know these tips.  I think … [Read More...]

The PERFECT White Cake recipe!!

Hello sweet readers! I just wanted to reach out to you and inform you of a few changes here at i … [Read More...]

rose cake tutorial