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Homemade Pumpkin Puff Pastry! From scratch toaster strudel!

I have officially jumped on the pumpkin bandwagon and I am so excited about it!  This faux Toaster … [Read More...]

McCormick Logo Surprise-Inside Cake!

I have been partnering with McCormick for a few years now. It is a match made in heaven! I get to … [Read More...]

i am mommy

Audrey riding bike

So.  Turns out having kids in school is just as hard as homeschooling. I have three kids in … [Read More...]


Brought to you by myself and CVS.com. Have you heard of Extreme Couponing?  It is basically when … [Read More...]

i am servant


worshipgifs.org "My Name is constantly abused in this world.  Some people use it carelessly, … [Read More...]

hebrews 13:8

Today’s special guest is Karen Hossink from the blog Surviving Motherhood.  I have known Karen for … [Read More...]

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How to insert a lens for a DSLR camera

  I just have to preface this with, I think you already know these tips.  I think … [Read More...]

The PERFECT White Cake recipe!!

Hello sweet readers! I just wanted to reach out to you and inform you of a few changes here at i … [Read More...]

rose cake tutorial