Halloween Cake

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Er, something.

This is my, “Fake it till you can really make it cake.”


I was testing out an idea for my book, and whipped up this cake.

Its my favorite chocolate cake, covered in milk chocolate (not ganache, just melted chocolate) with chocolate covered donut balls on top.

Sprinkled with sugar and stuff.


I ‘faked’ the cake pops on top of the cake because I was too lazy to make another cake just to see how this would look.  The donut balls are a convenient substitution, but as you can see are very lumpy and not as visually appealing as the real thing.



What I would do differently:

Taste wise, I really enjoyed the flavors.  I mean, its chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate covered devils food donuts.  Who wouldn’t like all the chocolate deliciousness?

Stying wise, I would not pour my remaining chocolate over the cake.  And I would try to make the cake bigger, maybe an 8inch, so the cake and cake pops looks proportionate.

I would take the time to make real cake pops and make sure they were smooth and gorgeous.


Speaking of perfect cake pops, I will be heading out to Williams & Sonoma in the Galleria this Saturday to go support that fabulous Miss Bakerella!  She will be there from 12-2 signing her best selling book Cake Pops.

Be sure to stop out and say hi if you want to join me and show her some Minnesota love!

And be sure to check out this adorable new site she launched!






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  1. says

    The colours and texture – just fantastic! I’m not sure about the donut balls though, I would prefer something more decadent like truffles! :)

  2. LisaLisa says

    You are MUCH too hard on yourself. I find it clever and divine!! the lumpy donuts add tons of character and just makes me want to pop one in my mouth even more.

    maybe make the donuts smaller…who gives a rats ass if they have a little lump?

  3. Ann Johnson says

    Please don`t change out the chocolate dripping down over the cake. That`s part of the appeal of this cake….choc til you drop..A:-)

  4. Paula says

    Love, love, love it!!!!! Chocolate upon chocolate, cake AND donuts!!! Wish I lived in Minnesota!! But, very cute story; my neighbor’s Dad lives in Minnesota and visits a lot. Whenever I bake, he always gets to be a part of it. I hear that he will be here soon, and is looking forward to what I will be baking…(for him)..how cute is he..I think he is close to 90! Love his smile when I hand him cake or whatever is going…..

  5. Laurie says

    Cake with donuts on top???!!! You are a goddess! I like that idea more than the cake topped with cake balls. Seems like too much cake but I understand you’re going for visual effect. Did you make the donuts or did you buy them? If you made them can you pass along the recipe please?!