Rose Neapolitan Spritz Cookies

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I wish I had OCD for something like laundry or eating celery.  But no.  I have to be obsessed with Neapolitan.  And ‘rose’ anything.

Like the Neapolitan Rose Cake.   Or the Neapolitan Chocolate Cookies Cups with Strawberry Buttercream.  I cant even tell you about all the Neapolitan desserts and Rose themed desserts I have made… well I could but lets just move on.

I aint here to bore ya.  Today.

Neapolitan Rose Spritz Cookies!  from

Believe it or not, I have never made a basic Spritz cookie before!  They are so good, so nice and buttery and light.  Hardly what I am used to baking… which is rich, heavy, sugary flavors.  These sweet cookies have just a hint of vanilla sweetness in their buttery crispiness.

So I paired it up with an even more subtle buttercream… marshmallow.  I dont know if I can detect a marshmallow flavor, but I do love the light airy texture that the fluff provides to this particular cookies sandwich.

Here is the Marshmallow Buttercream recipe I used.

Neapolitan Rose Spritz Cookies from

 Then I decided to get all crazy and make chocolate and strawberry too!  Because, ya know, that whole OCD with Neapolitan and Rose thing.

Now, just a heads up in the Spritz recipe.  I tried to find an origin, or the original recipe to give someone credit, and lost an hour of my life perusing google.  So let it be known, the vanilla Spritz cookies are NOT my original recipe!  I did however make up the strawberry and chocolate versions… but am sure they are not original either.  If you know who invented these sweet treats (I have a feeling they lived before the inter-web was invented) then please let me know and I will give full credit!

This one I am crediting to my MIL until notified otherwise. ;)

Rose Neapolitan Spritz Cookies


  • 1 cup room temperature butter
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/4 teaspoon almond extract
  • 2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • Strawberry Spritz:
  • 1/4 teaspoon strawberry extract
  • pink gel food coloring
  • Chocolate Spritz:
  • 1/4 cup cocoa


  1. Heat oven to 400°F. Combine butter, sugar, egg and extract in mixer. Blend at medium speed, scraping bowl often, until creamy. Add flour and salt; and blend at low speed until well mixed. Divide and tint dough, if desired.
  2. To make Rose Cookie Spritz, insert a 1M or 2D tip into pastry bag. Fill bag with cookie dough. I found that if the dough was a bit warm (as in heated by the warmth from my hands) it was easier to pipe out these cookies.
  3. Bake for 5 to 8 minutes, or until slightly golden.
  4. To make Strawberry Spritz Cookies:
  5. Replace vanilla extract with 1/4 teaspoon strawberry. Tint dough with pink gel food coloring.
  6. To make Chocolate Spritz Cookies:
  7. Replace 1/4 cup of flour with 1/4 cup of cocoa. Do not use almond extract.

Tips for success:

Do not chill the dough.  You will need it about room temperature for easier piping.

You can pipe out your cookies onto a prepared cookie sheet then place the cookie sheet in the freezer for a few minutes to firm up.  Bake the cookies directly out of the freezer.

If you have ever made a Spritz cookie before, this dough should be exactly the same as that.  Like in here and here.   Piping it through a large star tip should be the same experience as using a cookie press.  This a basic recipe, with no major alterations.

I would make the chocolate dough separately and not try to divide one recipe into three.  If you do so the proportions will be off and the cookies will spread.

A reader suggested using a smaller amount in your piping bag to help it warm quicker and to allow for easier piping.  I had about 2-3 cups of dough in my pastry bag, but can see how using 1 cup at a time might be easier!


Since I made like 47,957 of these cookies I decided I needed to share them.  I found these fun ice cream containers and made up a handy dandy little label in photoshop.

Neapolitan Spritz Cookies:  Fun Food Packaging!

Just in case you might ask, I got the strawberry extract at Walmart.  But you can also get it online, through sites like Amazon.

Strawberry Extract on Amazon

I ordered the Ice Cream containers from Sweet Bliss Containers.

The open star tip is from Ateco and you can get them online as well. (I use mine for everything!  From cupcakes to rose cookies to my Original Rose Cakes!)

Photography inspired by Cannelle et Vanille 




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  1. Adrienne says

    Perhaps I did something wrong in my prep, but these were almost impossible to pipe through the pastry tip.. I gave up after 15 or so minutes and 4 different bags and tips…

    • says

      Sorry there were issues! I talk a lot about tips and tricks in the post as well as here in the comment section. Maybe that will help for future baking! :)

    • Tante Chrissie says

      Cups is a volume measurement and grams is a weight measurement, so there is no exact conversion. A digital kitchen scale will help and inexpensive ones are easy to come by and are invaluable when baking.

  2. marina says

    They are beautiful, I’m going try them next, just one question. The measures you give works for the strawberry and the vanilla ones? Or they are for each flavor?

  3. Dee says

    The cookies look beautiful! Just wondering if anyone has frozen them filled or maybe unfilled? Baking for my daughters wedding and have never made them before. Thanks and happy baking!

  4. zinnia says

    i made the cookies but the shape didn’t hold up. i followed the recipe exactly
    I.used both tips referenced above.
    did i miss something. can i put them in the freezer And then the oven

  5. Sabrina says

    Although by no means is my system of choice, cups can easily be translated into grams or whatever other system when talking about sugar, flour etc. But when it comes to solid butter, it’s imposible! Anuone care to tell how much is a cup of butter? Please don’t say sticks!!! State grams, pounds anything of that sort that is universal.
    Thank you in advance. I cannot wait to try these!!!

  6. says

    I just want to make sure I have this correct….With the chocolate spritz cookies, instead of 2 1/4 cups flour I would use 2 cups flour and 1/4 cup cocoa – correct?

    I know I posted a comment a long time ago but just looking at these again and very tempted to make them soon. They’re so pretty, I can’t wait to taste them and display them.

      • says

        These are beautiful! Looking forward making them today :)
        (ps. please don’t use the term ocd unless you actually have the illness. It definitely isn’t something to wish for ;) )

        • Michele says

          Are you serious? You are going to go all “political correct” on her for using OCD? THIS is why the world is SO MESSED UP. People need to GET OVER IT ALREADY. She didn’t say anything that was wrong. Geeze. And I’m sure you’ll get all “OCD’ed” about what I just posted too. So what……

  7. Hailee says

    I just discovered your blog through Pinterest and I am in love! I made these cookies yesterday and they turned out perfectly! Everyone loved them. Thank you for sharing the recipe!

  8. Gabby says

    How long can these cookies stay at room temp. I am making them for a friend who has to travel over night with no refrigeration. Also is the marshmallow filling okay at room temp?

  9. Cassie Horwich says

    So, I made these cookies because they are beautiful and having sprained my wrist from piping them, I vowed never again! Then I baked and tasted them!!!! They are so delicious and look so incredible that I think I may have to just get over how difficult they are to pipe!! Do you have any tips to make it easier (I already used a little bit of batter and warmed it with my hands for a while…should I use extremely soft butter???)
    Fantastic recipe!!!
    Thank you :)

    • says

      So sorry about that! I would add a bit more liquid to your batter. Then, after you pipe them out, pop them into the freezer for a few minutes to set and THEN bake. Should work perfectly!

  10. Kristy K. says

    These cookies look beautiful! I can’t wait to try this recipe this weekend! About how many cookie sandwiches does this recipe yield?

  11. says

    Dear Amanda,

    These are so pretty! I tried making them today but they didn’t turn out as pretty as yours… I’ll probably need to improve my piping skills!

    By the way, could you advise how I can tweak this recipe to make coffee-flavoured cookies?

    Thanks :)

  12. Janine says

    I made these this weekend and took them to school yesterday and they were a big hit. You failed to mention what a workout they would be. Wow, it is hard to squeeze that dough through a star tip.. But I will be making them again.

  13. Carol says

    What size open star tip did you use for these…….there are several sizes to pick from. I would think it would be a larger oe for a cookie. Thanks

  14. dorothy says

    The tip you used is that an American size decorating tip? If not what would be the equivalent. Those cookies are gorgeous.
    Thank you .

  15. Laura says

    I adore spritz cookies and these look so pretty!!!

    Just to clarify, you advise making one individual batch of each flavor, instead of trying to divide one batch into three correct?

    And you say one batch makes 2-5 dozen cookies. Is that individual cookies? Or cookie sandwiches?

    And lastly, will one batch of the marshmallow icing be enough to ice a potential 15 dozen cookies? Or did you make more?



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