I really have baby on my brain.

And on my bladder.

And kidney.  Just sayin.

Bubbly Baby Cupcakes from iambaker.net


We are not finding out the sex of this little one, and I am loving the anticipation of the surprise!  As of now, he/she is scheduled to be born on May 31st,2013.  I think that’s a pretty good date! 🙂

Smiling Baby Sugar Cookies

It’s been far too long since I piped out glaze icing onto a delicious sugar cookie.  Last time was when I made personalized cookies for the birth of our sweet almost-two-year-old Eddie!

Good times.

Bubbly Baby Cupcakes from iambaker.net

As many of you know I have been a long time fan of sugar cookies and cupcakes.  I am so tickled I got to combine the two!

To make these cupcakes you will need:

Small Sugar Cookies decorated with smiling faces

Yellow cupcake

Vanilla buttercream

a small open tip (like a #10 tip)

Make a mound of frosting.  Make small dots (or bubbles) all over the frosting.  If you happen to have a point or tip on the dot, gently press down with your finger.

Do this over the entire cupcake.  If desired, you can add white non-perils.

Gently press baby face cookie into the frosting.  Add a couple extra “bubbles” to the top of the cookie.

Serve and enjoy!


Bubbly Baby Cupcakes!

These adorable cupcakes are such a fun way to celebrate a baby shower or a new baby!!

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Reader Comments

  1. This cupcakes are so beatifull, and to win the giveaway it would be the best thing ever.Thanks for the chance to win !!! The sex of the baby is not that important,because just having a baby is the greatest blessing of all,CONGRATULATIONES!!!!!!

  2. These are so adorable. One of my closest friends is expecting and I’d love love love to be able to make these for her!

  3. These are adorable! I wish I had a baby shower coming up – all our people have had their babies – I’d love to make these!! Sweet.

  4. I love that you’re waiting to find out the sex! That’s what we did with Liam and it was the greatest surprise I could ever ask for. We’ll definitely be doing it again with any other children we’re blessed with. 😀 These cupcakes are too cute Amanda!

  5. Hope you’re pregnancy is going well and you’re feeling fine! Love this adorable cupcakes — they look easy-peasy, too. Just call me lazy. And not too talented.

  6. So, so cute, Amanda!!! I bet you DO have babies on the brain! Can’t wait to meet your new little one! Have no idea how you balance it all!!! In awe!

  7. Totally adorable Amanda! I love those fluffy little clouds…Good luck with the baby!

  8. These are adorable! I can’t believe that Eddie is going to be 2 and that I didn’t know you were expecting again!! Or did I? I think my brain flew out when I had my four!
    Congrats xoxoxo

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