You could liken my cake stand addiction to that of Imelda Marco’s shoe collection.  I have an entire room in our home full of cake stands.

I don’t say that to brag nor to encourage anyone else to delve into a sometimes costly and hard to organize addiction!  (Cake stands are clunky.  #truth) I just want you to know that when it comes to cake stands, I know what I am talking about.

Cake Stand Collection from

Today I am going to tell you two important things.

The first is what makes a good cake stand and the second is where do you get a good cake stand.

Rose Cake Stand

This was purchased at a specialty shop in Blaine, MN. The owner did not want to part with and I had to pay a LOT more I would normally spend! I used it for my Rainbow Birthday Cake.

The perfect cake stand should: (for the record, I also love the exceptions to all these rules, but for the average daily use, these rules apply)

Has no lip on the edge.

Is about 3 inches tall.

Is white or glass.

Is completely flat, not bowing in at the center. (you would be surprised how many do that!)

If the cake stand has a lip, is too tall, bows in the center, or is an odd color/design, I typically will NOT buy it. (there are always exceptions though…) *wink*

Green Glass Cake Stand

This one has a deep indentation in the center that can be a pain! But it is so darn beautiful in that emerald tone I make an exception or use a cake board.

This was purchased at an antique store in Stillwater, MN. Arguably some of the BEST cake stand shopping I have ever done is in Stillwater.

Thrift stores are excellent for finding unique cake stands. Antique stores are wonderful as well, but you will often spend more.

Blue Cake Stand

This stand only fits 8-inch cakes or it gets messy. I love pairing with deep dark chocolate creations! I got this one at Homegoods.

MacKenzie Childs Cake Stands

I actually have the whole set of these… plates, cups, tea pot, cookie jar, etc. It’s one of the most coveted pieces of the collection! (McKenzie Childs)

Michael Aram Cake Stand

More like art than a cake stand! Just stunning. I actually made a cake to match the stand!!

White Frilly Cake Stands

Anytime I can find cake stands that come in multiple sizes I am sold! There is another mini frilly stand that goes with this pair, but is currently being used to hold earings. 🙂

These were purchased at TJMaxx and I saw them in pink and blue at Marshall’s. (same company I believe)

Tree Trunk Cake Stand

The only thing I don’t like about this is that it’s fake. I am currently trying to convince my husband to make me one from the wood on our property! 🙂

I got this at Michael’s. It was actually being sold as a candle holder! Sometimes it is good to think outside the box!

Rotating Cake Stand

This is not your typical cake stand… mostly because it is meant to be behind the scenes. But any busy baker will testify… a GOOD rotating cake stand is a LIFE SAVER!! This one weighs the same as a boat anchor, but I bigpuffyheart love it and it truly makes my collection complete.

Found at Fat Daddio’s.

Cake Stand Collection from

You can see where I store my cake stands here: Cake Stand Closet

Find out where to buy and what to look for!

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Reader Comments

  1. I am very envious of your McKenzie Childs collection. That is on my list of things to consider. 🙂 A beautiful collection all the way around. TJ Maxx and Home Goods are addictive places to shop for that kind of stuff. I’ve commented to people in the kitchen gadget sections more than once “men have their hardware stores, THIS is OUR hardware store!” 🙂

  2. I love, love, love all of your cake stands! I too have a collection of cake stands (cheaper than shoes, jewelry or purses). So many are like little pieces of art and I like to display cupcakes, cakes, cookies, candies, anything that lets me use them. I have more than I need, or have room to store, but after looking at your collection, I think I need to buy more! Thank you for sharing.

  3. is this clickbait or what? Looked through the whole article to find where that yellow gem was from and it’s not listed…nor are a ton of the other ones….what gives?

      1. ???? preach, girl.

        Where did you find that bunny one that’s in the 9-set from Instagram? It’s To. Die. For.

  4. I could stare at those for ages. So beautiful. Its funny how its just a plate do display a cake on, but they CALL to us! I adore the one with roses around the border. Pretty pretty pretty 😉

  5. My brother made 3 wooden cake stands for his wedding. They will hold cupcakes for the reception.

  6. Love all of them, especially the “boat anchor” one. I can’t seem to find a sturdy rotating one, ant ideas wher to look? Thank you for sharing.

  7. I am a lover of cake plates. As a child, I would look for any excuse to make a cake, so I could use my mom’s plate she received for her wedding. She inturn, gifted it to me for my wedding. Now I have several. I use them often, but store them in the basement. Any ideas or tips for storing/displaying them?

  8. Hi! I was wondering where you got that pink one…its just what im looking for! im sure you bought it in store tho right? the white one next to it is also beautiful *heart eyes* also i was wondering since you said you dont like ones with the lip edge…how do you cover it and make sure the dome/cover doesnt slip off…? or do you just transfer it to a cake box or something after displaying…? id like to get a cake stand with a dome but if not then im looking for one with a lip so i can purchase a dome SEPARATELY so that my toddler doesnt climb on the table and accidentally push the dome off ruining my cake lol T_T (i want to keep it on display on the dining table which is why im asking instead of store in a box hidden away) ANY ADVICE IS APPRECIATED! :d THANKS!

  9. Love your cake stands. I recenTly bought a cake stand for my wedding caKe from tjmaxx and i realized after i bought it thaT, the center of the cake stand isnt flat. It blubbles uP in the middle. Is there a way to still make it work Or no?

  10. I bake cupcakes as a side business (also located in the Twin Cities!) and have had such a hard time finding a stand I like to display them at my house. This gives me hope and inspiration to look harder to find something I will use and love!

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