Rainbow Birthday Cake

filed under: Rose + Rosette Cakes on December 23, 2013

My little girl turned five this past week.  Five!  In the midst of extensive Christmas baking, I took a break from all this green and red and peppermint and made a perfectly perfect girly girl cake.

With Audrey’s help of course!  The last couple years I have let her “design” her cake;  she tells me what colors and themes she wants and I do my best to make it happen.

Like this Rose Cake.  And this Neapolitan Cake.

Swirly Rainbow Cake (Inside and Out!) #rainbow #cake #birthdaycake

 Her requests were pretty simple:

1. Lots of flowers

2. Every color in the rainbow.

3. Lots of frosting. (but no chocolate cake because her brother doesn’t like chocolate and she is very thoughtful like that)

Swirly Rainbow Cake (Inside and Out!) #rainbow #cake #birthdaycake


I even let her pick the cake stand, which just happens to be one of my all time favorites.  I found it in a specialty shop near our new home.  The owner of the shop did not want to let it go!  Even though there was a price tag on it, they had been using it for display for so long it had become part of the ambiance.  I tried so hard to not show my desperation, but in my head I was screaming, “I HAVE TO HAVE THAT CAKE STAND!”

I think her soul heard my souls cries.

Do you think I am being too dramatic?  Let’s see… what do most women love?

Ah yes.  Shoes.  Pretend I was talking about a pair of Jimmy Choo’s.

Swirly Rainbow Cake (Inside and Out!) #rainbow #cake #birthdaycake


Back to the cake.  Audrey did request a Rosette Cake, but… and this is hard for me to admit… sometimes I get tired of making that cake!  So I asked her if it would be ok to change things up a little tiny bit.

She refused.

I asked sweetly.  She said no.  She crossed her arms and stood up tall and looked me in the eye.

“I promise I will still try to make it pretty!” I pleaded.

“Oh sure mom!  Whatever you want.” And she happily flounced away in her princess dress.

Swirly Rainbow Cake (Inside and Out!) #rainbow #cake #birthdaycake


So this is my “compromise”.  I didn’t make the full on rosette shape, but still tried to make it “flowery”.  And it has every color in the rainbow.  Except Indigo.

Cause like, I prefer my rainbows with six colors ok?

Swirly Rainbow Cake (Inside and Out!) #rainbow #cake #birthdaycake

 Audrey loved her cake and loved being a princess for a whole day.

She loved the attention and the gifts.

But most of all, I hope she loved the love.

Swirly Rainbow Cake (Inside and Out!) #rainbow #cake #birthdaycake

 Happy Birthday Sweety!

Here is a recipe for How to Make a Rainbow Cake.

I shared a picture of Audrey blowing out the candles on this cake on my Instagram account.  I am iambaker.

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  • Greitcha Smith says:

    Hooray for rainbow cakes!

  • Asankha says:

    Just… WOW!!! 😀

  • Jo says:

    Hi Amanda
    can we pleeeeeeeeeeeeease have a tutorial on this piping? Everyone has been getting your rose cakes from me for the last year so I would love to perfect this one before going back to work next month xx

    • Amanda says:

      I will try!! Have a lot of other projects this month but will try. 🙂

      • Jo says:

        Haha thanks xx

  • O!Sugar says:

    Wow ! This is so pretty. Check out my Rainbow Cake Roll at http://osugar.weebly.com/1/post/2014/01/rainbow-cake-roll.html or http://www.facebook.com/osugarbakes and let me know what you think ! 🙂

  • Julie Elen Auger says:

    Hi, I would like to know if you used your cream cheese frosting for this cake, or your super ”Perfect Buttercream Frosting”? Would the Cream Cheese hold on as well? Thanks a lot.

  • Jess says:

    Love this idea!!! This is has inspired me to want to make one myself- not sure for what occasion yet but definitely like the look of yours!

  • Vicki Bensinger says:

    I’m assuming you used a 1M or 2D tip here. However, this isn’t a complete rose and I love how the design turned out. How did you create this? Did you do a partial swirl? I feel like it’s almost like a the #9. Would that be accurate? Really very pretty!

  • april says:

    How did you create the design? Tip….

  • Lora says:

    I want to make this for my daughters 2nd birthday which is next weekend. I am curious to how tall the end product is?

  • Sarah says:

    Just to pick up on an earlier point, which butter (white or yellow) has been used as the colours are quite beautiful and bright.

  • Tahira Aamir says:

    Wow i want ur all resipies.

  • Julianne @ Beyond Frosting says:

    This cake is just SO fun!

  • Rachel says:

    Love this! What tip did you use?

  • Jeanne Shryock says:

    Would you share the icing tecipe?

  • Debbie says:

    Beautiful, love it!

  • Martha. Burke says:

    Do u make wadding cakes to

  • Darlene Clark says:

    can you send recipe for how the rainbow cake was made?

  • Christine says:

    How do I get this cake dish and these rescipes?

  • Odufuwa titilayo says:

    Thanks I enjoy every bit

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