UPDATED: Tutorial HERE Scroll all the way down to see the UPDATED pictures and video for how to pipe ruffles for this fun cake!

Check out my original Christmas Tree Ruffle Surprise-Inside cake!


I decided to try and put trees in the midst of all those ‘ruffles’. To make the Christmas Tree Ruffle Cake I prefer to use my Whipped Vanilla Buttercream frosting. It pipes beautifully!


For the interior of the cake, I use my White Cake recipe… it’s the BEST!


But then, I took it a step further.


A Surprise Inside Cake!

The inside of this precious little cake that nearly killed me to cut into I loved it so is a red and green striped ornament!


A precious little green and red striped ornament… all INSIDE the cake!




And there you have it… A Christmas Tree Red and Green Ornament Inside Cake! Easy peasy.

Here is the tutorial for this cake!

Check out all the different ways to make a Surprise-Inside Cake!

And here is my new book, Surprise-Inside Cakes!  You can see (in great detail) how I create these one-of-a-kind designs!

Since originally creating this design in 2011, I have recreated this cake many times. The most recent time I took a few pictures!

Christmas Tree Ruffle Cake! {an original iambaker design}

Same design as the original Christmas Tree Ruffle Cake… three trees around the perimeter.

Christmas Tree Ruffle Cake! {an original iambaker design}

I also added a little tiny yellow star. That is optional of course!

Christmas Tree Ruffle Cake! {an original iambaker design}

But this time, I made a video! Now you can see how to ruffle the TOP of the cake! 🙂

Ever wanted to add something special to a traditional Ruffle Cake? This has a full video tutorial!

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Reader Comments

  1. Wow! This is amazing. I love all those ruffle cakes out there, but this is such an original take on the concept. And then to have the ornament inside the cake. Wow!

  2. This was featured on the Sunday Sweets on Cake Wrecks!! I was excited when I saw it, because it was something I had discovered before Jen from CW told me about it!! Congrats on the recognition!!

  3. I love your cake creations and I will attempt to do several. Could you please let me know which tip you used to do the Christmas Tree cake. Thank you for your tutorials. Lynn

  4. You are extremely talented…WOW. I have to copy this and send to my sister in North Carolina who knows how to handle frosting and all the tips and whatnot. I am a cookie baker, but my goodness, this is so pretty. I enjoyed looking at your things so much. One of your cakes looks like an ice cream cake inside. The roses outside looks like the bottom of a wedding dress. Simple and elegant. I’ll check back again. Thank you very much. Lorraine (retired) cookielady.

  5. How gorgeous is this cake. Please, please, please do a tutorial. I’m one that has to follow visually. Beautiful….

  6. As an aspiring baker myself, I am baffled on how you got the decoration so perfect on the inside! Please do tell details, or maybe give sources that could show us!

    Love Love Love your cake, it is beautiful!

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