A quick video tutorial on how to make the most adorable and fun Cookie Monster Cupcakes! (both mini and regular size)

Cookie Monster Cupcakes!

Is there anything better than Cookie Monster? I know I grew up loving that friendly face and loving how he attacked cookies with wild abandon! I may or may not do that myself. 

Cookie Monster Cupcakes!

These cupcakes were inspired by a few things:

Cookie Monster, of course

The fact that these perfect little chocolate chip cookies were on sale at the grocery store

The idea I had to cut out a portion of the cupcake for the mouth

Cookie Monster Cupcakes!

I just love how the three work perfectly together in these sweet cupcakes!

Here is a video on how to made it:

Tips for success:

I wanted a high dome for these cupcakes so I used a different chocolate cake recipe than I normally do. (This is the BEST chocolate cake, but it does not rise very much.)

I cut out a mouth opening that is pretty large! I tried to stay as accurate as possible, and in Cookie Monsters case, he has a pretty darn big mouth. (no offense big guy)

I used a grass piping tip from FatDaddio’s to make the fur on Cookie Monster. I was intentionally very erratic and inconsistent as this seemed to resemble his fur the best.

I used a small paring knife to get a really precise cut for the mouth.

The frosting is a basic buttercream recipe that I have tinted with food coloring.

My cupcake is sitting on a paper towel. This helps if you need to wipe off the tip at any time. Grass tips tend to need a little cleaning while being used.

For the eyes, you can buy premade eyes or make your own. I chose the latter using Bakerella’s new product line.


I love love love this option of making your own… especially if you are making Elmo and Oscar the Grouch too… their eyes are a bit different than Cookie Monster’s.

I liked the mini cupcakes with this size googly sugar eye the best. But for the regular size cupcakes I added a surprise inside!

Cookie Monster Cupcakes!

The mini chocolate chip cookies were added to my cupcake liner before filling with chocolate cake batter. Bake as you normally would.

These are one of the most fun cupcakes I have made! No one is able to resist a smile (or a bite) once seeing these joyful treats!

There are no affiliate links in my post! I just like sharing what products I use. 🙂

Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Oscar Cupcakes... all with EASY Video tutorial!

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Reader Comments

  1. Your cup cakes are so cute. Where were you when my boys were young. I’ll make them anyway and surprise them with my talent. LOL

  2. Hi Amanda.
    These are just too adorable! The cut-outs give them real attitude – super cute. Love the video tutorial.

  3. By a total coincidence I was thinking about Cookie Monster cupcakes, and then saw these on Tastespotting! They’re SO cute!

  4. So crazy adorable. All I can think of is…COOKIES (spoken in Cookie Monster voice). Um, by the way, I can totally do Cookie Monster voice. I may have to show you when you come to KC. I know you can’t wait. 🙂

  5. I have made these for 40 yrs and never cut out the cupcake piped the frosting the same way made eyes the same way but used the whole cookie . You do good work though

  6. I can’t find where to buy the ‘make your own’ eyes. I clicked on the link, but couldn’t find the product. Help!!!

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