Episode 5: Food Blogging Diaries

filed under: Food Blogging Diaries on November 29, 2021

Welcome to Episode 5! In this episode, you get to see a weather forecast from Liz, a photoshoot for my book Homestead Recipes, and a little introduction to the family. 


Frosted Cookies & Cream Cookies (Crumbl Copycat)

Homestead Recipes Book – (I posted a sneak peek on Instagram this weekend if you want to see it!) 

If you missed any past episodes you can see them here!

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  • Angelina Ayers says:

    I get so excited for each episode and have loved every one! It’s so fun to get this behind the scenes glimpse of your life and work. My only suggestion…make them longer! I’m always sad when they end. ❤️

  • David says:

    Very cool, Amanda. Really nice that you included your family in this episode and hearing your description of them. We just had a Crumbl open by us and I haven’t tried them so that you for the review! Keep up the great work!