Episode 7: Food Blogging Diaries

filed under: Food Blogging Diaries on December 13, 2021

Episode 7 is all about answering questions from readers! And drinking. 😉 

In this episode we cover:

What is a food blog?

How do people food blog?

How do you come up with recipes?

Do you taste all your food?

What do you do after a recipe is published?

How much does one recipe cost?

How do you make money?

But here is the fun part… Lix thought we should play a drinking game while answering questions! I’m pretty drunk by the end. 😂

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  • PattyJam says:

    Hi I have yet to read a Blog or comment on any site . Yes , really and I do live on this planet! I found your wonderful site looking for a sugar cookie recipe to make for the holidays. Gosh did I find sugar cookie’s . I didnt know or imagine a cheese cake chocolate chip sugar cookie! Come on now ! Just too clever. Let alone how totally amazing it sounds. Though I wont be tackling B the CCCC sugar cookie YET! I will be reading the Baker’s Blog and making Sugar Cookies to decorate . After reading many recipes on many different sights , This I am Baker sight I have enjoyed from the pictures to baking tips and interesting recipes. Thank You Amanda and her crew For grabbing my attention to something I use to like doing. I will let you know how the cookiea turn out. Yours Truly PattyJam

  • Maryw says:

    You might want to rethink day drinking.😂 That was hilarious!