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    filed under: I Am Mommy on August 3, 2015

    I know it seems weird, but I find the greatest peace in life just being with my family.


    Hanging out on our property


    and watching the kids explore and delight in


    the grass and trees and bugs and little flowers that we sometimes refer to as weeds,


    even though they aren’t


    and watching children play together


    realizing that these relationships


    are one of the greatest gifts in this world


    and that there is just no comparison


    to the friendship between sisters (and brothers)


    even when


    they are running for their lives


    from the whole family who just wants to shower the baby with hugs and kisses


    but the baby is not quite on board with that plan

    so runs full bore into me and I drop my camera and can’t quite stop laughing long enough to notice that I have kids piled on top of me and am holding on for dear life to a baby turned toddler and it’s the quite possibly the greatest day ever.

    Or, Sunday.

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    Sing it with me… “All you need is love… (bum ba duh de dum)!”
    SO flipping awesome <3

    OMGoodness, this is the sweetest thing ever…I LOVE these pictures:) And no, it doesn’t seem weird at all…just like a really great blessing:)


      Blessing. I think you picked the perfect word! 🙂

    and that just doesn’t seem weird to me at all!!

      lol Well you are wonderful and of course it wouldn’t. 🙂

    Having kids and being able to watch them grow into amazing adults, is the greatest blessing ever, how can it be weird?? Enjoy every moment you can, they grow up super fast. God bless!!!

    Sweet, sweet memories!!

    Amanda, this is too cute! I love watching my munchkin play with her friends too…it brings such joy into my heart. Best moments are hearing those sweet laughs. Best part of my life.

    You are the best. Love everything you post. And plan on making most of them. So far due to it been way to hot to use my oven during the summer months I haven’t been able to bake. Once the fall weather comes. I’m going to be in the kitchen 7 days away.

    Big thank you for this blog

    Don't Pass on Dessert!