Homemade Chocolate Cake Mix

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Life is all about transitions, right? We grow and learn and make better choices when we know better. At least, that’s the hope.

Homemade Chocolate Cake MIx - Ditch the box mix!

While I will not ever judge someone for choosing box mix, I am finding that baking from scratch is something that has become more and more important to me.

I will still be including fun, easy, and creative recipes that will utilize fast methods (like box mixes), but I do hope to be able to share with you some of my favorite from-scratch recipes.

Chocolate Cake with Pretty Blue Frosting

This cake has been a long time in the making.

A couple years ago I shared a from-scratch white cake mix. Almost immediately I was asked to give a chocolate version of that homemade recipe, but I was never able to find one that rocked my socks off.

Until now.

When I made this cake even I was shocked at how good it was. So moist. So rich. So perfect. This is the best homemade chocolate mix I have ever tried, and I have tried a lot.

This one is it.

Slightly adapted from Sweeatpolita’s Chocolate Cake.

Chocolate Cake with Blue Ruffles!

Tips for success:

Make sure the dry mixture is sifted; lumps are evil. Kidding. But they are common in cocoa and flour and getting them out is a good idea.

Having the eggs and milk at room temperature is very important. It is also important that the wet ingredients are well mixed before being added to the dry.

Once the wet ingredients have been mixed into the dry and divided between the pans, get it right into the oven.

If you are opposed to coffee you can substitute water. (but just try it ONCE with coffee. It’s amazing.)

Blue Ruffle Cake with leaf tip

I used this recipe for buttercream and tinted 1/2 of it light blue. I used a large leaf tip and held it flat against the cake, applied pressure and moved up. Repeat around entire cake.


Homemade Chocolate Cake Mix!

I just happened to get some of these really great Weck jars at the store and they work perfect for this recipe. (not an affiliate link)

Best Ever Chocolate Cake!

Quick story: I recently shot a new class for Craftsy on cake decorating! It was a blast, but I brought almost all of my piping tips with me. They will ship them to me soon, but in the mean-time, I have been without most of my tips! So I rummaged through my cupboard and found a leaf tip. That is how this cake was born! 🙂

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Homemade Chocolate Cake Mix!
Homemade Chocolate Cake Mix
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
28 mins
5 mins
Total Time
33 mins

Life is all about transitions, right? We grow and learn and make better choices when we know better. At least, that’s the hope.

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Homemade Chocolate Cake Mix
Servings: 6 servings
Author: Amanda Rettke
Dry Ingredients
  • 1 3/4 c 220g all-purpose flour
  • 2 c 400g sugar
  • 3/4 c 90g cocoa powder
  • 1 1/2 tsp. 7g baking powder
  • 1 1/2 tsp. 7g baking soda
  • 1 tsp. 5g salt
Wet Ingredients
  • 1 c 227mL whole milk, room temperature
  • 2 eggs room temperature
  • 1/2 c 119mL vegetable oil
  • 2 tsp. 30mL McCormick® vanilla
  • 1 c 227mL coffee, warm
  1. Whisk together the flour, sugar, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda and salt in a medium bowl. Store in an airtight container in a cool dry place for up to 3 months until ready to use.

  2. When ready to bake:
  3. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Prepare two 8-inch round cake pans.
  4. Whisk milk, oil, eggs, coffee and vanilla in a large bowl until well mixed and slightly frothy.
  5. Add the dry mix and whisk until just barely combined and smooth, about 50 strokes. (do not over mix)
  6. Divide between the prepared cake pans.
  7. Bake until set and slightly puffed and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean, 25 to 30 minutes.
  8. Let cool in the pans 5 minutes, then turn out onto a cooling rack right-side up to cool completely.
Every Homemade Cake Mix you could ever want! DITCH THE BOX!

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  • Johlene@FlavoursandFrosting says:

    I love the idea of having some homemade cake mix ready for the next time when I bake 🙂

    • Amanda says:

      It really comes in handy!

  • Charlotte Moore says:

    This looks very moist. I have made yellow cake mix and now need to try these others. Thanks!!!

    • Amanda says:

      It was SO good. That yellow cake is one of my favorites!

  • Lisa Groves says:

    Yes! I cannot wait to make this! Can you please let us know what COCOA you use? Seems like there are so many options and whatever I’ve used does not seem to make the chocolate pop. Thanks! Happy Monday!

    • Amanda says:

      I used Nestle unsweetened cocoa

  • Andrea says:

    Love the ruffles and that fun, vibrant blue! I used the same piping technique for my sister-in-law’s birthday cake with a #70 leaf decorating tip. I couldn’t find a larger size at Michael’s, but I see that Ateco has some larger sizes. Yours definitely looks like you used a larger tip, which I would have preferred. Do you mind sharing what brand/size tip you used? Thanks! Always enjoy your posts 🙂

  • Jen @ Baked by an Introvert says:

    I love the idea of homemade cake mix. This would also make a great gift!

    • Amanda says:

      Great idea!

  • Lexi @ Sempre Dolce says:

    Yummy !! This would also make for fun gifting (I mean, who wouldn’t want something like this as a gift??)! 😉

  • Rommy says:

    At what point is the coffee added? Along with the rest of the wet ingredients?

  • Leah says:

    Thanks so much, Amanda! Your cakes are beautiful, and your creativity is a gift. I have have been following your blog for a while, and this is a first time post. (So sorry! Life can be demanding!) Anyway, I will be looking forward to making this one day, and I, too, appreciate from scratch when possible 🙂 Good work!

  • Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust says:

    What a great recipe!! Thanks Amanda! It’s perfect.

  • Joanne says:

    I’m definitely a baking from scratch kind of girl, so I love this! Must gift it to everyone I know who uses boxed mixes!

  • Ashley | The Recipe Rebel says:

    I have to admit I use cake mix from time to time, but never for when I want cake! Love this homemade version!

  • Julie | This Gal Cooks says:

    Ohhh LOVE this homemade cake mix! I have used boxed mix before (like when I totally could not bake a successful cake from scratch) but now I love to make from scratch. Good idea to have some ready to use homemade mix in the pantry!

  • Melanie @ Carmel Moments says:

    Your cakes always amaze me! This one is no different. Love the idea of homemade cake mix just sitting around begging to be made! 😉

    Happy Wednesday!

  • jasmin says:

    Hi what size eggs did you use making an oreo cake tonight and would love to try this sponge, many thanks

    • Marcie says:

      Amanda, I used your chocolate recipe this weekend for some cupcakes and they were absolutely delicious.! By far the best home-made chocolate cake recipe I’ve tried so far. I am going to make batches ahead of time, like you do, instead of stocking up when boxed cake mixes are on sale. Thank you for sharing! Can’t wait to try your yellow cake recipe too!

      • Amanda says:

        Wonderful! So glad you enjoyed it!! This recipe is amazing as well!!

  • Lauren says:

    WOW!! I just made this for a party, and I weighed out the dry ingredients last night, and then just added the wet ingredients this morning and baked it!! I made 1.5 x the recipe, so it had three layers, and the texture was perfect; light and spongy, and yet somehow dense and moist at the same time! So easy, but it is definitely the best chocolate cake I have EVER baked, and believe you me, I have made loads!! This is the first recipe I have tried off your blog, and I’m going to be trying loads more! Thanks for such a great recipe! x

  • Hala says:

    Hello… do you mean we need to sift the flour/ Cocoa powder before we measure them?

  • AardvarkSMASH! says:

    Just made this as a test run with the goal of giving out jars of mix as gifts, and it’s truly delicious! Well done! However, one small correction if I may – 2 teaspoons does not equal 30 ml. 2 teaspoons is 10 ml. 2 tablespoons is 30 ml. I used 15 ml (1 tablespoon).

    • Amanda says:

      Thank you!

  • OpalB says:

    Thank you for the homemade cake mix recipes. I like the convenience of the dry mixes but not all the chemicals in the ingredients. I like moist, dense cakes, not airy dry cakes and I like the idea of adding homemade pudding mixes to the dry ingredients. I have several questions – can a homemade dry pudding mix be added to most cake ingredients and can a made pudding or custard be added to the dry ingredients and not ruin the cake?

  • Jeni says:

    I made this last night for a family party. Not a coffee drinker so used water. We now call it the worlds best chocolate cake. It was moist and delicious and gone in no time. Making again tonight!

  • Rebecca says:

    How do I bake cupcakes using this cake mix recipe? And how about a 9X13 and bundt cakes?

  • Mary says:

    Can anyone tell me what the pudding is that is mentioned in various posts I live in the uk and don’t no what to buy appreciate any help

    • Bunnie says:

      Pudding is a creamy desert made with flour, sugar, eggs, milk or cream and vanilla and cooked on a stove. Here is a pudding mix recipe I found to use in another recipe I’m planning on trying. I haven’t tried to make this as a pudding yet.
      Scroll down to the bottom of the link to see a pudding recipe that you might use along with a cake mix. Hope this helps

  • Rosemary says:

    Can you use cake flour? What do I need to change to do so?

  • situ says:

    silly question but what size jar would this mix fit into?

    • Bunnie says:

      I just made this cake mix the other day and had to stuff it into a 32 ounce wide mouth mason ball jar. I weighed the finished powdered mix on my inexpensive kitchen scale and I came up with 38 ounces of cake mix. Hope this helps you

  • Maria Reyes says:

    Does this equal to 18oz of cake mix? Have a revipe that uses 18.25oz of cake mix

  • Denise Kellum says:

    Do you double the ingredients to make it in 9 inch layers?