RECIPES: I use my favorite sugar cookie recipe and my special version of royal icing.

Are you ready for my next Mothers Day gift idea??? Its only two weeks away!

Cause I don’t know about you. But giving my mom personalized baked goods has always got me bonus points.

Did you check out the Mothers Day Cake?

Or how about the Mothers Day Garden Party?

My next idea is not a cake. Crazy! I know.

Its cookies.

It’s a Mothers Day Cookie jar.


A Mothers Day cookie jar filled with approximately 4, 531 cookies (four dozen if you want to get technical) with sweet words about mom and one GIANT cookie on the front.


The idea came to me one day as I was trying to find words to describe my mom.


I didn’t use every word on this list… I have no idea where “sprightly” came from.

Picnik collage.wordcookie

Although its time consuming, its really very easy to do! Two colors of icing. Four dozen cookies. Just writing out words.

Totally do-able.


And you can pretty much package these up any old way for a neat effect.

I can just see it… “Mom. I love you! You are so many things to me… so I made all these cookies with words on them that describe you! So if you are ever feeling down or just off… you can grab one of these cookies and know how I see you.”

Or…something like that.

I mean. She probably shouldn’t grab one a these cookies a year from now. Two weeks max folks.



So have fun with this!

Make the cookies a little bigger and use phrases that are significant to mom.

Or write the names of every single child and grandchild.

Or just write ‘I love you” on 100 cookies.

Whatever you do, she is sure to love it!


I use my favorite sugar cookie recipe and my special version of royal icing.

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Reader Comments

  1. I love this idea! i would really like to do this for my mom’s birthday at the end of the month. I can follow recipes really well but I am not very good at guessing what kind of ingredients to use. It sounds like you used just frozen cookies and that I can do for sure but can you tell me what kind of frosting to use/how to make it and what kind of icing to use/how to make it for the letters. Also, I love the big cookie on the side but how did you do that? how do you make a hole in it to tie the string and it not just break?
    Also my mom and I live in different states so if anyone has any ideas on how to send it without the big cookie breaking that would be much appreciated!!

    This idea is so great! my mom always loves when I make something for her (still as an adult) so this is perfect! thank you!!

    1. Sorry i did not see your recipe for the icing. I will use that! but do you have the recipe for the sugar cookies? is there any way I can make them chocolate chip? my mom loves chocolate!

    2. Also, what kind of jar are you using? where can I get one? sorry for all the questions. I am a newbie at all this but really want to learn!

  2. Baking up a storm for a MOPs retreat and I remembered this gorgeous post. It’s time to ‘share the love’ with my girls. Thanks for the inspiration A. X

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