One last before the New Year begins… and I couldn’t resist sharing some cupcakes with you!

I added some quick instructions if you want to try these yourself.  You could do any design… you are only limited by your imagination! They are super festive, and could not be easier to do!


New Years Eve Cupcakes

Pick your favorite cake recipe, I happen to love this chocolate cupcake and American Buttercream.

To make the ‘fireworks’ embellishment, I just threw some white chocolate chips into a plastic bag and melted them in 30-second increments until completely melted.

Then cut off the smallest tip I could and piped out a design I had decided upon beforehand.

*An easy trick to doing this is use wax or parchment paper, then place your design behind the paper.


You can see that I am very precise.

While the chocolate was still wet, I added some sparkle!


I would have loved to use silver luster dust, but my dear daughter found it and decided to decorate the carpet and walls instead.

Let the chocolate set for about a half-hour, or just pop into the freezer for a couple of minutes.

Insert into a pre-iced cupcake, and you are all set!



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Reader Comments

  1. These look so yummy! I love the glitter on the white chocolate. (And too funny about dear daughter and the silver glitter!)

  2. Read this a few hours after being invited to a last minute between-the-holidays lunch this week; lunch was the next day. Had all the ingredients in the house and went at it. YUM. Everything came out so wonderfully! Thank you for sharing your skills yet again! Of course, my dark chocolate decorations looked a bit more like pitch forks than fireworks…but the hostess of the lunch insisted they looked like reindeer antlers – so we just went with that! happy new year!

  3. These cupcakes (along with everything you make actually 🙂 are adorable!! I love how you make everything seem so simple! I am going to attempt to make your rainbow cake for my birthday this weekend.
    Also, I would love to submit a picture of one of your cakes to Sunday Sweets at Cake but I want to have your permission first. Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in.

  4. Friend! You are ALL OVER the place these days! It seems like I can’t read a blog without someone crediting you for your awesomeness! Just wanted to tell you how much fun I have seeing your name on blogs and thinking “Ahh, I remember her back before she was a big ole famous baker lady!” Soak it in- no one deserves success more than you!

  5. Amanda, I love your blog! You’ve really inspired me to get baking more and I’m enjoying the challenge. Well, I decided to try making your piped white choc decorations for the top of a 4th of July “fireworks” cake. They bombed! The choc wouldn’t melt properly, and so wouldn’t pipe smoothly. I tried a couple of times as you directed before melting the choc slowly in a bowl, thinking I would drizzle it off the spoon in a firework shape. Still no luck. And these were new white choc chips, too. What did I do wrong?

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