Bacon Corn Dip
filed under: Food + Drink
You can whip this up in a few minutes and your family and friends will think you are an amazing chef! Huge flavor and perfect texture, this dip is going to be a staple in your home!
Oreo Fluff
filed under: Dessert
I made this for my mother-in-laws birthday and she loved it. High praise coming from a steadfast from-scratch cook like herself!
Brussel Sprout Breakfast
filed under: Breakfast
This Brussel Sprout Breakfast Bake is not your every day average egg bake.  This amazing breakfast meal is prepared from start to finish in your skillet.  A sweet and savory mixture of balsamic brussel sprouts smothered in a mixture of melty cheeses, crisp thick-cut...
Bacon Wrapped Brussel Sprouts
filed under: Appetizers
Bacon Wrapped Brussel Sprouts are a fun way to eat your veggies!  Crisp maple and brown sugar glazed bacon wrapped around mouth-watering brussel sprouts.  These are the perfect appetizer!    Bacon appetizers are some of my favorites, make sure to check out my recipe...
French Silk Brownies
filed under: Brownies
You may have noticed I've been on a brownie kick lately. This is one of my favorites so far! That rich, silky smooth French Silk filling made-from-scratch is going to change you forever. It's amazing!

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