First Snow

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Although it was freezing outside, I couldn't resist getting the kids outside to play in the snow.   Colton making tracks… Parker making eyes…  And the pure delight…   of looking up… and experiencing the magic of snow. I know Coltons favorite part… was...

Some Words to Encourage

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(I have a link to this on my sidebar that can be accessed at any time)   Imagine standing on a battlefield all alone facing an angry army of 1,000 men.  Each is breathing torturous threats at you.     Suddenly you feel the earth...

One More Vote Please

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You’ve already voted once today… one more won’t hurt ya right? PLease feel free to stop by and vote for me or for whomever you like the best! And please, submit yourself too! God bless- Amanda

Gift Ideas for Everyone

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Well… here it is!  A much anticipated … Gift Buying Guide Seriously, I do love giving gifts, and absolutely LOVE finding that perfect gift.  And I want to share some gift ideas with you! If the item is in Blue, it is something you...

Are You a One Issue Voter?

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In this upcoming election, the most startling division to me has not been the one among Democrats and Republicans but among Republicans alone. It seems that the focus of issues has broadened.  People are more interested in a broader scope of arguments, instead of...


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This breaks my heart and mends it and leaves me devastated and gives me hope. Please take a moment to watch it.  Thank you Christy for sharing it.<

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