This 3-layer Rosette cake is perfect for a little girl who loves frilly and pink! Don’t miss my famous Birthday Cake recipe as well as other Rose Cakes!

Birthday Cake

Our sweet Audrey has a December birthday. She is destined to share her special day with the red and green accents of Christmas and to receive the dreaded “two-fer” gifts.

So this year for her third birthday, I wanted to make her a cake that was all about her.

I asked her what she wanted.

Showed her pictures of cakes from previous years, let her dream and wish to her heart’s delight.  It could be any color.  With any embellishment.

She picked the cake with the most possible frosting!

She is clearly her mother’s daughter.

I wanted the cake to do double duty, so I made the top her “smash” cake.  We can remove it when it comes time to eat so she has her very own pink princess cake.  Since the roses are so easy to do, I will bring a bag of white frosting with me and just quick add some to the top before everyone else’s pieces are served.  (Here is the Rose Cake Tutorial)

She hasn’t actually seen it yet (as I hope to surprise her with it tomorrow) but I hope she likes it!


You can also see my version of a Royal Wedding Rose Cake and the Original Rose Cake!



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Reader Comments

  1. Just when I thought is couldn’t get any better than your first Rose cake, you do this! This is the most beautiful cake I have EVER seen, is it bad to be in love with a cake?

    Happy Birthday Miss Audrey, your mother is a cake making rockstar!

  2. I hope it’s not to late for you to see these questions…I have made your show-stopping rose cake twice now. And for being an extreme amateur I was thrilled with the results – all thanks to your fabu tutorial!!

    This is beyond gorgeous with the layers – especially the pink topper, but my question is – did you stack the cakes before frosting with the roses? If so, did you do all the sides first then go back to the tops? I am sure this seems a silly question, but I would love to try this layered effect next.

    Your roses are so much more “fluffy” than mine – how do you achieve that? Is my frosting too stiff?

    Thanks for an amazing blog!!! This is the only thing that has given me confidence to keep trying!

    Happy, Healthy, & Prosperous New Year to you!

  3. HI Amanda, I am just started following ur blog and I am in love with ur cake and planning to make the same for my Daughter;s birthday on this thursday. I had few questions

    (i) when should I start making the cake?

    (i) I am not very fond of just shortening flavor so can I use some butter along with shortening?

    (iii) there are 60 guests invite , so how many tiers cake would be sufficient ?

    This is my first time I am planning to bake a cake therefore every one please feel free to answer the above questions. It would be highly appreciated

  4. How beautiful! A perfect cake for a sweet little girl. I’m headed to the tutorial now, I’m dying to know how to make those flowers you call “easy”!

  5. Just gorgeous, Amanda! Wow. Audrey is one lucky girl. I know, I’m super late on commenting. Sorry- I’m sure you made her day special!

  6. This is one of the most beautiful cakes I’ve ever seen!
    So simple, elegant, classy… I JUST LOVE IT
    I have 2 questions though:
    1. how were you able to cover up the cake with those roses without showing any of the crumb coat?!
    2. any idea were I find simple and modern looking cake pedestals like this one and the other red one used for your snow globe cake?

  7. I love this cake; So much that I’m going to make it for my granddaughters 1st birthday. Can you share what size each tier is?

  8. My sweet mother was a baker and would take on the hardest and most complicated recipes. She also made her own. Moon Pies was one of my favorites, but this cake is so beautiful, I hope to see the recipe through and make my own beautiful rose cake.

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