Do you want some fun, simple, and easy ideas for decorating your next cake? You can come to the right place!

So simple! So beautiful!

(This is my Dusty Rose Cake)

Less than 10 minutes for the entire cake!

The rose cake is by far my most famous design! Here I have done it in a Yellow Ombre pattern, but I also do it in dusty rose, Neapolitan, red velvet, patriotic, and chocolate just to name a few!

{VIDEO} You can see a video of me making this cake here.

Simple, fast, and so easy to personalize!

I call this the Purple Shell Cake. I based it off of this simple design on my white cake recipe. It uses a small star tip and is a basic “repeat” pattern. Adding in a bit of fun contrast with the darker purple is super easy!

{VIDEO} You can see a video of me making this cake here.

You would not believe how quick this cake is! My simply trick makes it SO EASY!

Want to know something fun? This Harlequin Cake uses the exact same tip as in the Purple Shell Cake!

This cake is all about the planning. Once you have your basic design, the actual piping only takes a few minutes!

{VIDEO} You can see a video of me making this cake here.

Simply cake but so pretty to look at!

Anyone can do this design… even kids! Using one leaf decorating tip and repeating the technique over the top of the cake is how this is done. Add in some chocolate chips and you have yourself a giant (delicious!) sunflower!

{VIDEO} You can see a video of me making this cake here.

How to make an easy cake that will make mom cry those big HAPPY tears!

By far one of the most beautiful designs… yet one of the most simple! This Mother’s Day Cake takes just 3 minutes to pipe out, if that! The beauty is in the contrast of color and size.

{VIDEO} You can see a video of me making this cake here.

Create a beautiful, show-stopping cake with only open star tips!

Finally, one of my all-time favorite cakes… the Rainbow Open Star tip cake. Now, admittedly, it takes a bit more time to bring together. You need to have a variety of colors of frosting as well as a few different sized tips… but once you do this cake comes together quite quickly!

{VIDEO} You can see a video of me making this cake here.

I hope you enjoyed these Simple Techniques for Beautiful Cake Decorating! I do have MANY more in the cake section of my blog. 🙂

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  1. I can’t say thank you enough. Your techniques and helpful hints have been lifesavers to me, especially the one where you put the frosting in one bag and the tip in another!!!! Thank you for using your gifts for our benefit, you are fabulous!!! ????

  2. Hi Amanda ☺ my 9 year old daughter and I watch your videos all the time!!☺She wanted me to tell you that you are an awesome cake decorator ☺☺We love your amazing g videos and can’t wait to see your new ones.☺I think that my daughter Lindsay may be your biggest fan!!☺
    Thanks for everything you do Amanda ☺
    Lots of love Lindsay and Hope ????????????????

  3. Hi, Amanda! I just discovered you and I think I’m in love! (Especially after watching you make that Heath Chocolate Cake today!) Do you have a post about the tools that you use?


  4. When I was growing up and in Elementary school we always had Career Day where Parents would come in and talk about their profession. I was in awe when one of my classmates Mother was a cake decorator. I sat front row (always, as teachers pet) and from then on, I just knew that that was what I wanted to do when I grew up. Yes, I Graduated from Culinary Arts school but no, I never became a Professional Cake Decorator but YES, I do so as a Hobby and it’s my favorite thing to do indoors! I just love your website and everything you share here. I have printed and added so many great recipes to my notebook and am so thankful for you. I will forever be a follower until the end! Thank you, seriously!

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