I hope you will forgive me interrupting your regularly scheduled program, I just need to take care of some business.

First off, the sweet little Silver Bell’s inspired Rose Cake above was seen in an ad in the latest issue of Sweet Paul Magazine!  I am a huge, huge fan of those great guys and hope you will be too.  In addition to the digital version, you can even find a copy of their magazine at Anthropology (and many other stores!)

In other not so fun new, my email was hacked into.

It has been nothing short of a huge problem, as the hackers took over my account and I no longer have access to any of it.  I had used that account since 1999 and also used my email as file storage.  (I dont recommend doing that, its not the best way to store important info!  Dont be like me.)  Contact files, business accounts, personal files, personal emails.  I had stored and filed away every important email I have gotten in the past years, and they are now gone. (Even an email I got from Martha Stewart years ago that I had saved because, hello, it was from Martha Stewart!  Well, maybe it was from her people, but you know.  Practically same thing.)

My email provider was AOL and they basically told me I was out of luck and refused to help regain access to my information.  They were unprofessional, unhelpful, and downright rude.  In addition to all that the hacker also sent out numerous emails “from me” asking for money.

My apologies if you were one of the un-lucky recipients of that.


I will be getting you new and improved email information shortly!  In the mean time you can reach me at manda2177@gmail.com.

Hope you all had wonderful Thanksgiving, and I look forward to sharing the Holiday season with you.  Christmas is definitely my favorite time of year!

*If you want to make a cake like this, here is a good tutorial as well as this video tutorial.

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Reader Comments

  1. Congratulations on the ad placement in the magazine. Sorry about your email being hacked, a major pain and inconvenience for sure. Hope you find a more reliable and sympathetic provider soon.

  2. UGH! That’s just awful about your email, but so exciting about the add in the magazine!! I watched the rose cake video, you make it look so dal garn easy! Gorgeous, just gorgeous!

  3. The cake is beautiful! Sorry to hear about being hacked – same thing happened to me about 2 years ago and it was an AOL account. I ended up shutting it down too as the user had emailed discount Viagra that I allegedly personally recommended from a Canadian pharmacy and it went to all of my contacts; even my boss and Human Resources. I ended up shutting it down too after having for more than 10 years and switched to Yahoo.

    1. Oh my word!! That is AWFUL! SO sorry you had to go through that. And just wish AOL would be more helpful to the victims of hackers!

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your email account. I know how frustrating it is because mine was hacked into the beginning of this week. I was with AOL also and they were very rude and unprofessional! People are so mean and just do not have a heart to be hacking emails. They changed everything on my account so AOL could not help me either. I have moved my email to gmail and I am hoping it doesn’t get hacked too!
    Your cake is BEAUTIFUL and CONGRATULATIONS on being in Sweet Paul Magazine!!!!!!!

  5. Oh dear, I’m so sorry to hear that! It happened to me too a couple of years ago and I didn’t manage to recover anything. I hope you are luckier and you manage to get some support from AOL. Congrats on the cake, you deserve every honour!!!

  6. I hate that your account was hacked, but I DID see your ad in the latest edition of Sweet Paul. I thought ‘I know her! I get her e-mails!’ Lol.

  7. Once I get home, I’m totally backing up my stuff. I have some stuff in there that isn’t anywhere else and I would really stink to lose it.

    Have a great week! The cake looks amazing!

  8. That happened to me as well. Same reaction from hotmail – basically “Oh well”. And the person was asking everyone on my list for money, including my insurance agent! What a huge pain to say the least. Good luck!

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