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Happy mistakes. Today I made a happy, happy mistake. Whipped Vanilla Buttercream was the result! If you like this recipe you will also like my traditional American Buttercream Frosting.

Pink Velvet Cupcakes with Whipped Vanilla Buttercream!

Vanilla Buttercream

I walked away from my stand mixer while making buttercream. I walked over to my computer to check an ingredient and got sucked into a facebook rabbit hole of opinions and drama and insanity. Please tell me I am not the only one who does this?!

And seven minutes later I realized my mixer was furiously whipping butter and sugar into an awesomely light and sweet frosting.

I mean, I know I did not invent this technique. (Heck, I have done it before with whipped chocolate buttercream!) Everyone and their grandma (literally, my great-grandma did this, only by HAND) has done it. But I do not have a whipped vanilla buttercream recipe on my blog so HERE YOU GO.

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Pink Velvet Cupcakes with Whipped Vanilla Buttercream!

Back to this awesome little treat!

I will be sharing the recipe for that beautiful pink velvet cupcake tomorrow… as I loved it SO much that I immediately made it into a layer cake. Because that is what I do. #iamcakemaker

Today is all about that whipped frosting amazingness.

Whipped Vanilla Buttercream!

How to Make Whipped Vanilla Buttercream

Having your butter and milk at room temperature helps greatly.

Substituting whipping cream for milk is a great idea, but not necessary if you get the butter whipped up nicely. (I do not recommend skim milk in this recipe.)

I have seen this recipe as a “quick one-bowl” recipe. To do this simply add all ingredients into the stand mixer then combine on low for one minute. After ingredients are incorporated, turn mixer to high and leave it for 5 minutes. This yields very similar results!

You can definitely leave out the almond extract if that is not your preference, but PLEASE try it once before deciding. If you have a nut allergy simply use Imitation Almond Extract. (You do not need to add more vanilla to compensate.) But do experiment with other extract flavors! Like coffee or root beer or lemon or orange!

And yes, yes you can decrease the sugar content if you want. I have seen it as low as 2 cups. Start with two and then taste test along the way to determine your ideal flavor and texture.

Pink Velvet Cupcakes are made from this Pink Velvet Cake Recipe!

Here is a PRO-TIP from a high-end Bakery owner:

If you want your buttercream even smoother, put it into the food processor! Right after you have followed the recipe directions above (using a stand-mixer) put the frosting into the food processor and process on low speed for about 5 minutes. It creates a SILK like texture that is perfection!

Whipped Vanilla Buttercream!


Not only is this whipped buttercream one of the best tasting I have ever had, but it is PERFECT for piping!!

Smooth & Sleek~ this buttercream holds it shape and creates stunning designs!

I tinted this frosting turquoise for a fun piping experiment:

Fun with piping!

Here is an amazing PRO-TIP on how to get WHITE frosting:

Use pale butter. Quite frankly, this often equates to the most inexpensive butter, which works for me. 😉

Use clear imitation vanilla extract.

And here is the tip that just might rock your world...

try adding the TINIEST amount of purple food color. A VERY small amount.

Here is the video where Cakes by Raewyn describes how to do this!! Trust me, it’s LIFE CHANGING!!! When you do this you don’t have to worry about the color of your butter or extract.

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Pink Velvet Cupcakes with Whipped Vanilla Buttercream!
Vanilla Buttercream
Prep Time
13 mins
Total Time
13 mins

The BEST Whipped Vanilla Buttercream frosting!

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: whipped vanilla buttercream
Servings: 8 SERVINGS
Author: Amanda Rettke
  • 1 cup (2 sticks or 226g) butter, softened
  • 2 teaspoons McCormick® Pure Vanilla Extract
  • 1 teaspoon McCormick® Pure Almond Extract
  • 32 oz confectioners sugar, sifted*
  • 2 tablespoons whole milk, you can use up to 1/2 cup if you need a loose, creamy consistency
  • pinch salt
  • *You can use as little as 16 ounces if you want to decrease sugar
  1. Beat butter in bowl of stand mixer with whisk attachment on medium-high speed until light and fluffy. (about 3 minutes)

  2. Add vanilla and almond extract.
  3. With the mixer on low, slowly add in confectioners sugar , milk, and salt; frequently scrape sides and bottom of the bowl.

  4. Once incorporated, whip frosting for at least 3 minutes on medium high to high. (My mixer went for 7 minutes)

  5. If frosting is too thick to spread, gradually beat in additional milk.
  6. Store in refrigerator up to 2 weeks. Rewhip before using.

Recipe Video

Piled-High Buttercream on Glorious Pink Velvet Cuppies!

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  • Cathy wilson says:

    Love your website. You give great recipes and great tips for baking…

  • Jamey says:

    I was wondering about the buttercream frosting – I don’t have a stand mixer only a hand mixer, will that work??

    • Leah says:

      I used a hand mixer the first time with no issues it just takes a little longer!

  • Donna B Oliphint says:

    How do you keep your buttercream from melting. I live in Alabama, and transporting a cake in the summer is tough. I’ve had the frosting slide off the cake enroute.

  • Liz Bethel says:

    Hi there! I have decorated and sold cakes for years…even two wedding cakes for family members! I thought I might add a comment to your buttercream recipe that has been helpful for me. My recipe for the frosting is very similar to yours. It is my own recipe that I tweaked till it was best for me…but for the decorations, writing, etc.,even when piping on the sides of the cake…I use 1 stick of LOL butter and 1/2 cup Crisco shortening, both room temp….The frosting still has a fine taste, and it is a much better consistency for decorating (VERY helpful when the weather is warm and/or humid also! We all know how that goes!) Hope this helps.

    • faye says:

      liz bethel, that is the same recipe i use for my buttercream recipe…i also you 1/2 t. almond flavoring and 1 teaspoon of vanilla. it is wonderful.

  • Brenda says:

    So do you not use meringue powder? Also what’s the best cream cheese frosting?

  • Crystal says:

    Will this buttercream form a crust? I’m looking for a crusting buttercream that isn’t too sweet.

  • Ellen Mayer says:

    Can you post a fondant recipe. ( not marshmallow). I see many cakes and cookies decorated with fondant but never a recipe. Thank you for all your fabulous recipes and videos.

  • Ruthe Johnson says:

    Everything you have shown is simply heavenly looking! Bravo! Cannot wait to try the white cake and frosting recipes.

  • Riza says:

    I love your page! I will surely try to bake your recipes. Thank you for being generous.

  • Jeanne says:

    This kind of frosting, would this good to use to make flowers n would this hold on hot summer days?

  • Sheri says:

    I make this, but use coconut cream instead of milk. It is amazing!

  • Moraanugba says:

    Good afternoon..
    Thanks Amanda for th beautiful recipes..

    I love both ..

    Please what other way or alternative can I get 11 tablespoons of butter?


    Would love to try it out as soon as I get your response..


  • Amy Newman says:

    Question for you. Can I substitute whole milk for almond milk? Anything with regular dairy gives me bathroom issues so dairy is a no no for me but almond milk is not an issue for me. Just wondering if it would change the recipe’s taste and texture. Any input from you would be great! Thank you so much! And by the way, I love your recipes! Thank you for always sharing great ideas!

  • Ashley Piercy-Turner says:

    Also do you have a traditional old fashioned wedding cake icing recipe that uses lard? Triying to duplicate a white cake and white icing from childhood, the baker is now deceased. Was sooooo good for special occasions!!

  • Stefani Tonenews says:

    The photos of the buttercream frosting are beautiful and mouth watering, However, I made it and found the sweetness to be utterly overwhelming. I was hoping for the butter and extracts to impart more flavor, but it literally just tasted like sugar.

    Perhaps I am naive and that’s just how it is supposed to taste.

  • Dorothy says:

    Looks so beautiful and delicious

  • C Coetzee says:

    Where in Cape Town do you sell your products?

  • Paula says:

    Very happy about your web site it is very informative, and I enjoy your recipies very much your very talented.

  • bridget says:

    hi amanda what kind of butter are you using? salted or unsalted?

  • Jody graeler says:

    Have you ever used crisco shorting in butter cream icing?

  • Norma Jones says:

    Hey Amanda,

    I love your white cake recipe. The buttercream icing looks
    AMAZING.. I can’t wait to try it.

  • Jodi says:

    I made this and it’s delightful.
    I was confused – I was measuring 1/2 cupfulls into the sifter, and they were coming out 2x as big (?) as I sifted into a big glass measuring bowl. Weird.

    Anyway, I stopped sifting at 6C.

    I only added 2 TB milk (well, half-and-half because it’s what I had) and added an additional 1/2 tsp of Almond.

    I otherwise followed the directions perfectly.

    It’s delicious (a tad sweet for me, but my husband said it’s perfect).

    Put on the WASC cake it’s ah-mazing.

    Thank you for this awesome recipe!

  • Lexis says:

    How much does this frosting make? Approximately how many cupcakes would this frost? Trying to figure out how much I need to decorate almost a hundred cupcakes for a party 🙂

  • shammi says:

    hi how do I make pink buttercream frosting for birthday cake

  • Susan Corpman says:

    Can you add strawberries to this recipe? What adjustments would you make if you did? Love the recipe!

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