Cast Iron Skillet Oreo Brownies

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This is one of those, “I just want to eat the most fattening ridiculous thing possible,” kind of treats.

Oreo Brownie in a Skillet


I dont even have a “recipe” to share.

Not a from-scratch one anyway.  This is boxed brownies.  With Oreo’s.  And vanilla ice cream.

Basically one notch below rocket science.

Skillet Oreo Brownies


Here is what I did:

Mix up a batch of brownies.  (Feel free to use your favorite from-scratch recipe)

Skillet Oreo Brownies


Prepare your cast iron skillet. (Everyone does this differently it seems, so just make sure you prepare it in a way that will ensure your brownies dont stick.)

Pour 1/3 of your brownie batter into your prepared skillet.

I used 19 Oreo’s and placed them over the batter.  Pour remaining 2/3 of batter over Oreo’s.  Be sure to cover them all!

Skillet Oreo Brownies


Bake for about 35 minutes.  Since the skillet retains heat so well you will want to remove them a couple minutes before they are completely done.  I inserted a toothpick at 35 minutes and when it was removed there were a few tiny wet crumbs.  This is good.

Very good.  Ooey Gooey good.

Take the brownies out of the oven and let them sit for about five minutes.  Then scoop some vanilla ice cream over the top and drizzle with a few crushed Oreo’s.  You can also glop some Hot Fudge on.  Maybe even some marshmallow topping.  Or caramel.  Or butterscotch sauce.

I have no idea why I capitalized Hot Fudge.  It just seemed right.

Skillet Oreo Brownies

Then cut yourself a slice.  And stop and take a picture because that would be pretty.  Or lose all control and start eating and then remember you need to take a picture.

I, uh must have been going for a “rustic” image here.  Yeah, thats it.




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  1. says

    Looks amazing! I’ve tried the brownie mix+oreo combo before (+cookie dough, because it needed to happen), but never in a skillet.
    Quick question though – you wrote that you put 1/3 of the batter down first…then I assume top with the other 2/3s, or did you only use 1/3 of the batter?

  2. says

    “I just want to eat the most fattening ridiculous thing possible,” kind of treats – every day of my life.
    And now I can because this looks simple and easy. So my tummy loves your for posting this, but not my waistline.
    However, my waistline can just suck it up. Probably literally.
    I love that you capitalized Hot Fudge. Sometimes it really just does seem necessary.

  3. says

    I probably didn’t need to see this today … have no Oreo’s in the house … won’t be happy until I make it and have a piece :) I’ve been using my cast iron skillets for more and more cooking/baking lately and love them! What size skillet did you use?

  4. Amanda says

    Looks amazing! Can I use a more traditional baking tin? Or is there something special about the iron skillet? Don’t have one :)

  5. Sarah says

    I have a 10.5″ cast iron skillet, which is on the smaller size of cast irons… the only one I have and use (which is seasoned and never has touched water). Will that size work for the brownies?

  6. Charity says

    I am a huge baker and brothers love brownies so i might have to try sometime but instead of vanilla ice cream use chocolate or frozen yogurt flavored instead!

  7. Roger says

    The brownie looks fantastic and easy to make. The only problem I have is it is Oreos, not Oreo’s. Writing “Oreo’s” makes it possessive and I always think “Oreo’s what?”.

  8. says

    This makes me really happy.. and not so happy too! I’m supposed to have New Year Resolutions right now not be dreaming about how amazing this will taste.. tonight haha! YUM YUM YUM! This is going to be my downfall this month, I can feel it already! Thanks for sharing the goodness!