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Three Ways to Make Me Want a Baby

1. Have a baby within 50 feet of me.

2. Go shopping (browsing) in Macy's baby section.  Can you say ca-ute?

3. See a perfect baby belly.

The kids and I went over to cousin Leah's  yesterday.

She asked if I could come and take pictures of her flawless baby belly (my words, not hers) and I said yes.  I tend to do that when anyone asks me to do anything. 

I told her I had never taken pregnancy pictures before and she just shrugged and said, "You cant do any worse then my husband."

Ha!  Love it.


She has about two weeks left… I am SO excited!!


Is that not the most perfect baby bump you have ever seen??  She should be on the cover of magazines!

So yeah.

Its pretty safe to say I have baby fever… but thankfully, Leah will be having her baby soon, so I will get to hold a precious newborn!

Do you think that will help my baby fever or make it worse? ;)


  1. ClassiclyAmber says

    Aaaaw~! What a cute baby belly! So are you gonna take the baby’s pictures, too [and post them]?? Oh my! I would love it. And I don’t care what The Lumberjack’s Wife says. Hehee. Those rough times only last a short season – but there is no greater blessing than a brand new sweet lil’ bebe!!
    Yep, I’m well on my way to full blown baby fever. =-)
    And you are, too, my friend!! =-D Let’s bask in it!

  2. says

    I think baby fever it’s going to be worst, two friends are pregnant and I’m even more anxious than they are. I can’t help it!
    Thank God I’m getting married this year, so I can start dreaming about my own baby =)
    Beatiful pictures Amanda!!!

  3. says

    Are you kidding? A newborn is going to make it way worse! I know, I’m at that bubble right now trying to decide if we are done or not…leaning more toward the done!

  4. says

    Made it worse. It always makes it worse for me. Then I cry a lot and get over it. Then look at Gary, then John, then I thank God He knows how much I can handle!

  5. says

    Beautiful belly! I had belly shots taken with Emma and my dear friend took out ALL the stretch marks, I can’t imagine the hours THAT took! LOL
    Oh and obviously everytime I get baby fever, I get pregnant (as long as hubby’s home and not deployed)…I seem to get it HARD when they hit about 2!

  6. says

    Um, worse. Definitely worse! Trust me. I’ve been holding my OWN every day for the last 7 months and I still want another…they say you “know” when you’re DONE. Well I haven’t gotten the “done” memo yet, and obviously neither have you. Now go. Rub hubbies back. Now! :-)

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