Vertical Layer Rose Cake

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*Tutorial HERE!

I have been dreaming about this cake for about a month.


Dreaming of layers that went up and down instead of horizontally.


Dreaming of obscene amounts of delicate frosting roses.


Dreaming of a variety of flavors.


And finally, my dream has come true.


Normally I share recipes and techniques and design aspects and every detail I can think of sharing… and maybe I will do that if anyone cares to know. But for now, I just want to enjoy it.



Because tomorrow (Feb. 1st) is my birthday. And I wanted to make myself a cake! (thats me getting sassy with myself)

I just want to sit back, relax, and have a piece.

But I do wish I could share it with you.

Cause man oh man…

It. Is. Good.




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  1. Jacci Babich says

    I am looking for my mother-in-law’s lost rosentorte recipe. It is completely different from your cake. Can anyone help me? Her’s was lots of thin layers of cake/biscuit with a pink nutty flavoured filling between them (rather like dobostorte). It was topped with pink icing. Her recipe books were stolen in a burglary. It was so delicious and I would love to make it.

  2. Sharon Davis says

    Hi There
    I was reviewing rose cakes on your website with my soon to be 4-year-old daughter and we have both fallen in love with the vertical rose cake. I could not find the link to the vertical layer cakes recipe/tutorial. Please help. Thanks

  3. Kerry Min says

    I have just baked a chocolate cake and decorated it with the rose design. I am chuffed with the result. I made a 6″ cake and layered it with white peppermint flavored butter cream icing.
    It was my first attempt using this technique, and it looks Great :)

  4. says

    Love that cake! My mother-in-law made the traditional fruit cake for our wedding (I left it up to her since she was making it). We had sooo much left over – I wonder why? I wish I had a friend like you to reproduce the invitation. You are amazing! Love the toolbar too.

  5. lisa thomas says

    I love your site…my daughter is getting ready to have my first grand baby …i want her to check out your site…happy baking…hugs to u… your new friend..lisa..r as my grand daughter going to call me CoCo..

  6. Joanne Bailey says

    I want to thank you so very much. That is the cake I have been dreaming about for our 50th anniversary but didn’t know how to explain it to the decorator at Costco. It is so beautiful and I can’t wait to see it.
    You are very talented. :)

  7. Mary beth says

    I stumbled upon your blog and this fabulous cake! One year after the original post :)
    I guess your not sharing how to make this beautiful vertical cake.
    Happy birthday tomorrow!

    • says

      Oh no Kathia, I am so sorry that you’re going through such a hard time. Please know that I’m prnayig for you. I hope that you get to enjoy being a mom tomorrow on Mother’s Day. Cami is lucky to have you for a mom. By the way, your cake is absolutely fabulous. The details amaze me!

  8. says

    I came here for the rosettes, but I’m loving those vertical layers! So creative!
    Happy belated birthday =). We seem to be alike in that we use our birthdays as excuses to make fancy cakes, ahah.


  9. says

    Happy Birthday! This is a beautiful Cake! Thanks for the recipe for the frosting. I’ve never had a vertical cake it is so pretty when it is cut. If you decide to share you technique I’d love to know how to do it. I’m thinking of making some sugar cookies and trying to do the rose on top. Saturday is my granddaughter’s 4th birthday… her name is Rose. I think the cookies would be a hit if I can do the rose design. I can’t wait to raid my baking cupboard to see if I have everything I need to practice tonight. I’m a night owl so I still have plenty of time.

  10. Demi says

    Lovely cake, although I can tell you that this cake design (the roses) has been around for quite a while as I know I was making it back in 2002 or 2003. I’m pretty sure I learned it at a Wilton cake class back then as I have photos from the class. Just thought you might like to know.

    • says

      HI Demi! Thats actually incorrect. I have spoken to Wilton (on many occasions actually!) and they said that no Wilton course lineup includes any cake completely covered in roses, and never has. (I also have the correspondence as proof if you need further evidence)
      I published the original Rose Cake in Jan. of 2011. Until then, no one had used the 1M or 2D tip to cover an entire cake with roses. Of course, people used them often for cupcakes or even border detail, (as that is what the tips were for!) but not the entire cake. My cake is, in fact, an Original. This can be verified through photographic evidence. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  11. Lapis Mosi says

    This cake is so beautiful I couldn’t help falling in love with it. I made it for my girl friend’s birthday and she loved it too! I mixed a few different shades of pale orange and combined the orange with white frosting in the same piping bag and the result was stunning. Thank you for posting and sharing your creations!

  12. Erika muller says

    Hola feliuz cumpleaños atrasados !!!! quedo hermoso el pastel . Podrias eseñarme como hacerlo y tambien el betun de rosas esta fabuloso. Gracias

  13. Cilia says

    this cake is stunning, and I would love to know how you made it..

    I am having my engagement party in a few weeks and would love to attempt this cake:)

    Have you allready shared how to make it? if not could you please give me the recepie ?


  14. Rochelle says

    Happy birthday. I am going to make your beautiful cake for my birthday – great idea. My birthday is Feb 1 as well.