Welcome to the final episode! 

I am going to be honest with you, creating, filming, and funding this series has been a bittersweet experience. I have loved being able to share a part of my world with you, but the truth is, if I don’t have a network behind me not as many folks are going to watch. I thought for SURE that my audience would be interested in seeing what we do here. Only about a 1/4 of my audience has tuned in.

In doing this series I wanted to convey truly how hard we work, how much time and money goes into perfecting every recipe I publish on my websites. Just how much we care about quality over quantity. And also be vulnerable and show you the hard stuff. When employees quit, when things don’t work, when life gets tough. And also the joy and talents of everyone around me. We do have fun. 🙂 

The weird thing about food blogging is that I am not trying to sell you something, I am ultimately trying to convince you to accept the free recipes offered. It is such a weird concept in this world! So far in my career I have failed at trying to convince google of that, so I have dedicated a lot of time and resources into you, the audience. Building relationships and making friends. Offering transparency into every aspect of our lives here, and humbly hoping you accept that offer. 

I don’t know if Season 2 of Food Blogging Diaries will happen, that is really up to you! If you want more, I just need to know. 🙂 

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Meet Amanda Rettke

Amanda Rettke is the creator of I Am Baker, and the bestselling author of Surprise Inside Cakes: Amazing Cakes for Every Occasion – With a Little Something Extra Inside.Over the course of her 15+ year blogging adventure, she has been featured in and collaborated with the Food Network, New York Times, LA Times, Country Living Magazine, People Magazine, Epicurious, Brides, Romantic Homes, life:beautiful, Publishers Weekly, The Daily Mail, Star Tribune, The Globe and Mail, DailyCandy, YumSugar, The Knot, The Kitchn, and Parade, to name a few.

Reader Comments

  1. You did a great job on these series, Amanda. They were informative and fun to watch. I hope for a Season 2 but know there is a lot of energy and time that is dedicated to these episodes….so it has to be worth your time for enough viewers to watch. Tune in everybody and let’s see a season 2! Thank you, Amanda!

  2. This has been great! I must say that I haven’t seen the FB posts about the majority of these (I think it must be a FB algorithm thing), and when I came to find them on your website, I had a hard time locating them! Even through searching, it was only because I could recognize your show name! I would 100% support you if you could do another season as I very much miss all of your FB lives. Adore you and your employees!

  3. I have never commented on a website before but I just had to write and say how much I loved these videos! I truly looked forward to seeing that a new episode was out:) I really hope Food Network or Cooking Channel finds you and gives you your own show because you would be absolutely amazing in it! Thank you so much for putting in all the effort and resources to create something so wholesome and fun to watch☺️
    *I would LOVE to watch season 2 but totally understand if that’s not doable:)

  4. Really loved this series and how it was produced. I am glad that you chose to go this route vs. the network where you wouldn’t have gotten to tell these stories. I am sure that was a heart wrenching decision for you. Thank you for all you do. We have loved many recipes from you (and your team) over the years. Also, absolutely loved getting to know the team! If you choose to go forward with another season I would love to hear more about Chad’s part in the business. Thank you again for this BTS look 🙂

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