Simple pink rosettes adorn this light blue cake designed just for mom!

You CAN do easy DIY flowers on a cake! This technique makes even the most beginning of bakers look like professionals!

How to make an easy cake that will make mom cry those big HAPPY tears!

Let me tell you about this cake.

It was supposed to be really simple. Easy. No-fuss. Quick. Done.

It was none of the above. Not because it is a complicated cake, but because nothing went according to plan.

I had this idea in mind… I wanted to create a cake for my MIL that would be specific to her in every way. The colors she loves with flowers she loves and flavors she loves.

Well. The colors did not turn out right. The frosting had so many air holes in it I was going cross-eyed. The design was not working out. The crumb coat and final coat we so flawed and every trick I tried to fix them was making it worse.

It was a bad baking day.

How to make an easy cake that will make mom cry those big HAPPY tears!

I finally gave up. Or, gave in.

I set that horribly crumb coated cake in front of me and vowed to decorate it anyway.

I was determined to not let the pesky bad-decorating details get in the way of the message.

Because truly, that is what is important about this cake.

How to make an easy cake that will make mom cry those big HAPPY tears!

What is the message?

Each large light pink flower represents one of my MIL’s kids. She has 3 boys.

Each of the medium darker pink flowers represents a grandchild. She has 10!

And each of the white mini rosettes is a prayer we (as a family) prayed for her. A blessing!

Each and every beautiful flower was a symbol of someone living on this earth that loves her dearly, that appreciates her, and thanks for her not only the woman she is but the family she raised.

How to make an easy cake that will make mom cry those big HAPPY tears!

Just in case you want to make this cake too, here are the details:

Cake  Carrot Cake

Frosting Whipped Cream Cheese (Instead granulated sugar I used 2 cups of confectioners sugar. Pay special attention to the consistency. If too ‘loose’ add in more sugar.)

red food color (different amounts for dark pink, pink, and light pink)

blue + yellow food color (for the leaves, I only had about 1/2 cup of frosting total)

pastry bags

1M tip or a large open star tip

#70 leaf tip

I share how to make a rosette cake here. (See all my rose cakes here– I have about a hundred tutorials!)

See a VIDEO of how I made this cake on my facebook page!

How to make an easy cake that will make mom cry those big HAPPY tears!

So in spite of all the errors and mistakes… I think this Mother’s Day Cake will be a really special and significant gift!

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Reader Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and for always sharing your wonderful recipes 🙂 I’m always humbled by my failures, but like you said, it’s the message behind the cake that matters! Even through something like baking, I see my selfish desire to find my worth in what I can do, but I’m learning how I’m not the sum of my accomplishments/failures. I, we, are children of God! 🙂

    Bake on!

  2. It turned out beautifully! It’s funny how we, as bakers/decorators, see every flaw, but to everyone else it just looks like a stunning cake!
    Question, is this the actual cake you will be serving on Mother’s Day? How do you store it till then and do you find that it tastes just as fresh? I would love some tips on how far in advance I can prepare a cake and how best to preserve it. Thanks!

    1. Nope! My MIL was over last weekend and saw it then. 🙂 I will store a cake for 1-2 days in the fridge.

  3. I would never look at this cake and think “bad baking day”! It’s absolutely gorgeous, and the meaning and love put into makes it even more beautiful! What a wonderful tribute to your MIL! I may have to try a version in memory of my mom; she has been gone 30 years today, and her name was (is) Rose. 🙂

  4. Oh my! How special. Such a great idea. It’s beautiful! I’ve been following you for a long time and your cakes just keep getting more and more beautiful. Love the color combo!

    1. I was just wondering the same thing. I love the color and would love to know which color it is. It looks so pretty with the pink colors. Thanks!!

  5. very pretty cake, but wowie there are ads flying in all over the place and made my visit very distracting.
    an ad slid down from the top and was hard to close, something popped up from the bottom of the page and then a huge ad slid over your whole picture of your cake while I was looking at it. Not sure I’ll be back too much if this is the norm. beautiful work though.

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