One of the perks of living in MN is Twin Cities Live.  It is a local show that is nationally recognized for the talent and quality of programming.  I am slightly biased because I happen to adore one of the hosts (well both actually!!) , Elizabeth Ries.  But even if I didn’t know her, I would still be a huge fan of the show!

Not only am I a #bigfan of the show, but occasionally I get to be a guest!  My most recent appearance was all about Naked Cakes.

Cookie Crisp Naked Cake!

This bottom of this cake is three layers of yellow cake prepared in 9-inch round cakes pans.  I used two yellow cake recipes and divided it between three pans.

The top tier is one yellow cake recipe equally divided between two 6-inch round cake pans.

Cookie Crisp Naked Cake!

Peaking out just a little bit is the frosting that I used between the layers… cookie dough frosting!  This is a really subtle way to create a cookie dough flavored naked cake.  You could also make the layers themselves with chocolate chips and yellow or white cake.

Cookie Crisp Naked Cake!

For the embellishment around the cake I used Cookie Crisp cereal!  Talk about a flash from the past.  You knew it was a special occasion if you got this for breakfast!

You could also make mini chocolate chip cookies if you prefer.

Naked Fruit Cake!

I also prepared a Chocolate Naked Fruit Cake.  This is two recipes of chocolate cake divided between four 8-inch round cake pans.  For the sake of travel and TV, I chose to only use three of the four layers.  It just got to be too high with four.

Naked Fruit Cake!

I used white buttercream in between the layers and added grapes, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and a beautiful pear on top.

I sprinkled the cake with powdered sugar right before the segment.  And of course, using a rustic cake stand helps to create a rustic feel!


To serve you may want to have a cut up pear on hand (as well as more of the other fruit) so that you can leave the decorative pear on the cake as long as possible.

Also, I love the idea of drizzling a fruit syrup over the cake right before serving.  Since fruit is a living thing, it will move and squish and leak wonderful fruit juices over the cake.  (which I love) If you want to incorporate that into the design the fruit syrup drizzle will help!

This is how the cakes looked a few minutes before the segment.  I ended up making it through the hour long drive with minimal damage, but you can see the frosting really seeped out of the bottom layer of the fruit cake.  I added a bit more fruit around that spot to try and cover up the mishap.

As I mentioned, RIGHT before I added the powdered sugar.  (which you can see in the actual segment)

See that pretty pink pastry bag in the back?  That is from Bakerella’s new line of products!!  I am super excited about her new line and have been so impressed with the quality if everything I have used so far.

Elizabeth Ries and!

Miss Elizabeth is going to have her first baby in just a few weeks! Such an exciting time.

If you want to check out my segment here it is!  Also… I cannot be held responsible for rogue cake decorating.  #justsayin #lookingatyouSteve

Are you local to Minnesota and have an idea that would be perfect for Twin Cities Live?  Just contact them here and let them know!

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Reader Comments

  1. You’re so full of wit and such a natural! You had me laughing at that Egypt comment. These cakes are just stunning!

  2. so I actually think I prefer naked cakes, and up until a minute ago didn’t even know they were a thing! and I SO miss living in Minneaplois

  3. These cakes are wonderful! I really really love that cookie dough one. So fun using cookie crisp. The chocolate one is beautiful too! So fun that you get to be on tv! 🙂

  4. You are a genius when it comes to cake. And c’mon a naked cake, cookie dough frosting, AND Cookie Crisp?! Not to mention you make it all look gorgeous.

  5. You do so well on TV, you are a natural! And I say that as a former TV producer. I really enjoyed the segment and always enjoy your site.

  6. You are such a natural on TV Amanda!! I would’ve died if that frosting escapade happened to me on camera. I don’t know whether I’d laugh or cry — or both! And that cookie crisp cake is just the cutest! You’ve inspired me to try making my own naked cake. 🙂 Pinned!

  7. I am a big fan of all of your cakes and I am trying to start up my own blog. For the past two years my posts have been ok but my 2015 new years resolution is to improve them alot. ( )I just wanted to say beautiful naked cakes,as always. A few years ago I made a bright pink cake and now I have my very own pink pipping bags like bakerella’s. Yippy!! (Sarcastic tone of voice).

  8. I love that naked cookie cake. I reminds of the Momofuku birthday in NYC. My silly computer wouldn’t let me watch the video, but did use the acetate sheets to hold everything in? I tried it once without the sheets and it was a disaster! icing squishing out everywhere! Great job and congrats on your guest appearance!

  9. Hi Amanda,

    I love this cookie cake idea. Once put together how long would it be good for? Or any tips for making it ahead?



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