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July 4th Cake

I have made a flag cake before.  It was ok.  But I wanted to kick it up a notch.  Make something really wild that no one* had done before.

*There is a reason no one had done it.  Its crazy. 


I decided to make a cake that was twenty five layers.

Um.  Why would one decide to do something that is seemingly impossible and has no historical accuracy or reference?


I don’t know.

Banging. Head. Against. Wall. Repeatedly.

I think I had too many cups of coffee the day I decided to make this.



That being said, I decided to continue my blogs ‘ruffle’ theme and make vertical stripes on the exterior.


Pretty little red, white, and blue ruffles.  I think I am addicted.

How does one serve a twenty five layer cake?


By chopping it in half thats how!

Then I cut myself a slice, hummed at little America the Beautiful and had a bite.


Red Velvet Cake with White Cake with buttercream frosting.

Here’s to you!  I am hoping you are enjoying your long weekend, that you are soaking up the sun, that you are giving yourself a break and relaxing, and that you are with people you love.

Happy 235th Birthday America! You dont look a day over 200. ;)

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  1. Christen says

    Did you use a structure inside of this cake to support all the layers? I am looking to make a tall cake (not quite this tall!! impressive!) and am worried about it being to tall/heavy. How many layers, 2 inch thick, would you stack without support?

  2. jennifer reed says

    just saw this for the first time and im in love!!!! i think i will make it this year however i don’t think i will quite so ambicious with the 25 layers. perhaps 10 or so. thanks for such an awsome idea

  3. Elizabeth (Cakes by the Pound) says

    Happy 4th of July!
    I would like to know how to share some photos with you. I made a version of this cake this weekend for my family and it was a hits. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us!

  4. Jolene says

    I was frustrated that so many ‘flag’ cakes didn’t have the correct number of stripes- but I only used red cake and used buttercream for the white stripes. Yes- it made for a VERY rich and decadent cake- but it was a bit more tolerable to take a bite out of. :) I did the blue part in the middle,instead of around the cake as you did. But I completely respect your choice! But- my family is a fan of frosting- so they like more frosting than cake. ;)


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