• Candy Corn Cake

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    This cake is completely inspired by candy corn.  But not the  regular candy corn, Brach’s Indian Corn.

    Have you seen this type of candy corn?  With the chocolate on the bottom?  I found it to be the perfect cake inspiration! (picture below)

    But I went wrong on this cake.  I was in a hurry.  A BIG hurry.  I needed to have this cake done and be out the door in 57 minutes.

    So I used all box mixes (which is fine with me!) and canned frosting (horrible mistake).

    Something happened.  I sampled the canned frosting and thought it tasted like cardboard.  Even the chocolate.  They were all just awful.  I wouldnt feel comfortable serving this cake to anyone.  Is it just me?  I used to not mind them at all!  (To be fair, I stuck to one brand.  It could have just been that brand.)

    I am a huge proponent of supporting  peoples choices in baking… if you want to use canned frosting I would never bat an eye.  Heck, I would support and encourage you for choosing to bake!

    But for me, I think this was my very last time.


    Candy Corn Cake


        • 1 box white cake mix
        • 1 box chocolate cake mix
        • 3 containers white frosting (or three cups)
        • 1 container chocolate frosting (or 1 cup)
        • Optional: Orange extract


        1. Bake chocolate cake in 8in round cake pan. One cake will be used, so you can wrap the other 8in round cake and place in freezer.
        2. For the white and orange layers, simply prepare white cake batter as you normally would. Divide batter in half and tint one half orange. (Add orange extract if you wish)
        3. Bake white cake batter in 8in cake pan and bake orange cake batter in 8in cake pan.
        4. For frosting, take one container of white frosting and tint it orange. I used gel food coloring and about 4-6 drops.
        5. To assemble cake:
        6. Place chocolate cake on cake stand. Place thin layer of chocolate frosting.
        7. Place orange layer on top and cover in thin layer of orange frosting.
        8. Finally, place white cake on top and cover entire cake in crumb coat.
        9. Decorate as you wish.

        Here are the from-scratch recipes for this cake:

        White Cake

        Chocolate Cake

        Whipped Vanilla Buttercream

        Here is a video of me decorating a cake with the same technique as I used on this Candy Corn Cake.


        If you like this cake you will love my new book Surprise-Inside Cakes!  (especially the Ombre Cake I share in the book!)

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        would be much better if you didnt use box but i will

          Hey Chuckie! Please so think of my blog as inspiration. Keep in mind that everyone’s tastes and preferences are different.

            I use canned frosting but mix it with cool whip or whipped cream so it’s not so sweet. I also use instant puddings with whipped cream to make icings.

        Canned frosting is the Worst.

        I’m with you on not using purchased frosting. I think that stuff tastes like chemicals and I refer to it as “crap in a tub”. I have no problem with using a boxed cake mix (I doctor it to make it taste homemade), but I MUST have homemade frosting on my cakes!

        My husband swears there’s no difference in taste between the Indian candy corn and the regular but I disagree – I think the Indian candy corn tastes MUCH better! 🙂

        Your cake is beautiful! (As always!)


        Great Recipe must try!

        Great Recipe and wonderful pictures.

        i must try the candy corn cake

        Canned frosting or not, this cake is freaking beautiful! Madeline LOVES candy corn so she would shrek with happiness if I baked this!! love love love .. and wishing you and the kiddos a safe and happy Halloween. . post photos of them in costumes, k?! 🙂

          We aren’t dressing up this year. The kids go to a private Christian school that doens’t dress up and we have like 2 neighbors total and NO ONE comes to our house (hello 1/2 mile driveway) so it’s just a regular old day for us. 🙂 But I can’t wait to see your pictures!

        Don't Pass on Dessert!