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    filed under: Cupcakes on June 26, 2015

    Piping out a chick in buttercream could not be easier. Or fun. Or delicious! Well, if you like a 1:1 cupcake to frosting ratio.

    How to Pipe a Chick in Buttercream! (video)

    Ok, so maybe it’s more like 1:2. Stop judging me.

    These chicks were inspired by real life… my real life! We currently have 7 layer chickens, 1 big bad rooster, 3 adult guinea hens, and more chicks and guinea hen babies than I can count! (If I had to count I could say 45 chicks and 10 guinea babies.)

    How to Pipe a Chick in Buttercream! (video)

    We lovelovelove our homesteading life and love raising chickens and I LOVE having fresh eggs every single day!! (Remember this homemade angel food cake? I needed them!)

    Here is a little video on how I did it:

    Tips and tricks:

    I used a

    • 9PT tip for the yellow body of the chick
    • #4 tip for the white of the eyes
    • #3 tip for the dark of the eyes
    • #2 tip for the orange beak
    • #68 tip for the wings, top, and tail

    For the buttercream I used this Whipped Buttercream recipe. Just tint some yellow, some orange, some brown (with food coloring) and leave some white. You only need a very small amount for the white, brown, and orange. For instance, maybe 1/4 cup of each would cover 24 mini cupcakes.

    These are mini cupcakes, or cuppies. I made this Homemade Chocolate Cake Mix recipe.

    How to Pipe a Chick in Buttercream! (video)

    Before the internet attacks me for the amount of frosting on these… I know. I know! I get it. It’s absolutely atrocious and awful and how dare I and shame shame shame on me.

    And yes, I am fully aware that theses are not anatomically correct. There should be no white around the eyes and nothing on his head and their legs are not wee wittle stumps.

    Now that the shame is out of the way, can we just agree that they are a little bit cute and a lot fun and just smile?

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    Darling! Everyone needs a little buttercream!

      lol I love how you say “a little buttercream”. You are too kind! 🙂

    I think they are whimsical and fun. Forget about the amount of frosting. YUM!

    My chicks aren’t chicks anymore, I miss the baby stage but I can’t wait until they can lay. And oh my lanta these are so adorable!! And frosting is my favorite part of the cupcake so the ratio is PERFECT. Love. 🙂

    This is just too adorable!! And you make it look so easy! Time to brush up on my piping skills.

    Holy chicks, Amanda. 45… seriously? Yikes, you must be one busy mama. But these chick cupcakes? They’re the epitome of cuteness.

    And you made them look effortless in the video. I’m sure mine would come out like franked-chicks! Ha.

    It doesn’t seem like too much frosting to me! Can you ever have too much frosting? 🙂 They are just adorable. I love how you made the wings.

    EEEEK, this is cuteness overload! And yes, love the frosting/cupcake 1:1 ratio, i mean, who doesn’t? lol

    Oh my these are soooo cute thank you so much for sharing❤️

    these are SO STINKING CUTE!!!! you are so creative!

    OMG. cuteness overload. Can’t wait to make these cure cupcakes.

    These are the cutest! I think they look perfect and so much fun!

    Hehe! I love these cute and puffy baby chicks! So clever, Amanda! xo

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