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Mothers Day Ideas {10 Great Cakes Mom Will Love!}

Edible ideas that is.

But I guess you knew that.

Since that is the whole point of this blog.

10 Mothers Day Cakes that will bring tears to Mom's eyes!  ~With Full Tutorials!~


I have got a ton of fun, new ideas for cakes and cookies and treats this year, but I RAN OUT OF TIME!!  Mothers Day is just a few short days away!!

So, here is a round up of some of the ideas I have had in the past.  The cookie one is still my favorite.  Might be my favorite of all time.  But then again, I love cookies.


Mothers Day Garden Party (hint: there is a DOUBLE rainbow cake in there!)

Mothers Day Cake and Garden Party

Rainbow Dot Cake

Fun & Easy Rainbow Cake!


Mothers Day Cookie Jar


Mothers Day Cake

Look close… there is a sweet message in those swirls!

Hidden Message Mothers Day Cake


Black Eyed Susan Cake (even though this was for a bridal shower, I know mom would love all those flowers!)

Black Eyed Susan Cake


And of course, there was the Vanilla Lemon Cake

Daffodil Cake

Sweet Daffodil Cake and a FULL tutorial!!!


Cherry Cake

The Most Perfect Cherry Cake!

Hope that helps!  If you were looking for ideas for Mom that is.

Or even if you were just hungry.

Eating cookies and cake is fun.


A sweet reader (or seven!) reminded me of the Rose Cake and


Hydrangea Cake


Sorry I forgot! :)



  1. says

    Mother’s Day in Britain was a few weeks ago. I made a rainbow cake covered in white icing and it was a great surprise for my unsuspecting Mum who seemed really pleased with it. It was incredibly tall and we all agreed that it would have made a great Dr Seuss hat, so that will be one of my future projects. Thank you for the great ideas.

  2. James Farmer says

    Do you have a Happy Mother’s Day cake with a rainbow on it? If so, could I see a pic? Thank you!

  3. Sarah says

    I love you blog! I just made a version of the Hyrdangia cake today for my MIL! Will make another one for my Mom next week when I see her :) Thank you and God Bless you!

  4. says

    Made your Rose cake for my birthday on Saturday – not quite your standard but ! was so pleased with the result! And complements!

  5. Angie says

    All of your work is absolutely beautiful!! I think the rose cake is stunning. I could spend hours looking at your work!

  6. Linda says

    I’m even more impressed than ever that you do what you do and are raising four children! Your creations have inspired me to begin a cake decorating class. Thanks so much for sharing your artistic work.

  7. Marie says

    Thanks, you inspire me with your zucchini cake. We love it so much!
    :) I link your page in my FB page. I love sharing recipe always with copyright.

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