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    filed under: Miscellaneous on May 10, 2011


    This cake confuses me.

    I have no idea what it is.

    What to call it.  How to describe it.


    It was simple to do… I just used a decorating tip and went round and round with some glorious vanilla frosting.


    This is my photographic artistic interpretation of a cake conundrum.

    The inside is a Heaven and Hell cake. 

    Devils food layers alternating with Angel food cake.

    I cannot even bring myself to show you.

    I just did not like anything about it.  The texture was off, the appearance not appealing.  

    I am sure it was not the recipe that had flaws!  Its me and my weird ideas on cake.


    Ya win some and ya lose some.

    But I guess you cant really call it a loss when there is frosting involved.

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    It’s so peaceful, you could call it your “Peace of Cake!”

    I HEART that cake stand. And I think the cake is beautiful.

    Please please please post a tutorial!!!!
    Thank you 😀

    Wow!! which kind of tip did you used on it? i learned a tutorial making this effect but using fondant, but to be truth, i really dont like fondant! how did you do it with frosting??
    it is really awesome!

    How on earth do you make the top?? Witch Wilton tip?

    are you kidding me!? this is amazing!!!!

    what are you talking about this is so gorgeous!!! I love the clean simple look. I’ve never heard of a heaven and hell cake which makes me sad because it sounds brilliant!

    This cake is one of the best looking cakes you’ve ever made. It is classy!!! I don’t understand you 🙂

    I think we all want to know what tip!? Thanks! LM

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